Written by zebedee2013

3 Mar 2014

After talking about it for about a year, a good few weeks on this site and then finally having a threesome with ‘Mr OMG Look at the size of that thing’, we were back a week later for another with the same guy! 2 Saturday nights in a row…. But this one was whatever I was to say would go. She’d given me the ‘I’ll do whatever you and he want me to do’, speech and I wasn’t gonna let it pass!

We used a different hotel, wife and I checked in early, went to room, got some drinks in and texted him the room number to come straight to us.

My wife was wearing just underwear, a nice new French knicker and camisole top set. Her lovely nipples were erect from the anticipation before he even arrived and I was in my boxers, as horny as hell as could easily be observed.

When he arrived, I gave him a drink and explained the rules… she does what we want! ‘OK, I’ll leave you tell her’ he responded.

As he was drinking, I told her to go over to where he was stood and undress him…. Before long he’d put his drink down and was standing in just his jocks. As she pulled them down, she smiled a big grin… she was gagging for it…. And soon she wold too!

I told her to go and lie down on the bed and she started to take her underwear off – ‘No keep it on’… she laid down and we joined her either side. He started kissing her right ear and neck as I laid next to her running my hands over her body. He then slipped his hand under her top and together we lifted it up to reveal two very erect hard nipples on her pert little boobs, we both started licking and sucking one each.

I went to put my hand down and found one already there inside the front of her knickers. I moved over and removed them, she didn’t protest and lifted up eagerly to reveal her lovely smooth pussy which now had two fingers sliding in / out and around her.

‘Turn to face me’ I said…. ‘He’s too big for behind, can he have the front please?’ was her cheeky response. OK….. With her back to me and my hands all over her, I pushed myself into her very tight little arse which until last week didn’t take cock! He then entered her and pushed himself right up. I felt his cock slide inside her next to mine, there seemed like very little between us…. She moaned and was breathing very fast shallow breath…. ‘oh my god yessss’ as I just laid still, ploughed deep up her arse and he slid up and down inside her. After a few minutes she was physically shaking and let out little yelping sounds each time he pushed up. ‘I’m gonna cum now’ he said and I felt the muscle in his cock jerk inside, I came almost as soon as I felt it and she was moaning like mad on planet orgasm of her own. After he and I came, it was obvious that she was still coming as she was still shaking and her hand was squeezing mine so tight it hurt.

I pulled out of her and went to the bathroom with him still buried deep in her pussy. As I returned from the bathroom she was lying on back, arms above her head and legs spread wide, with his head buried deep between them. I crouched on the bed next to him. We tried but couldn’t really both lick properly at the same time so we took it in turns, licking and sucking on her…. And she was lovin it!

We then changed places and laid side by side as she straddled across each of one of our legs and proceeded to lick and suck our cocks….. before long we were both hard and ready to give her what she wanted…. More fucking. She took the doggy position diagnally across the bed… a bigger one would’ve helped! and I held her head in front of me…. I was in her mouth as he slammed into her … she gagged a bit as my cock was thrust into the back of her mouth. She was now being well and truly fucked and fucked hard and fast by Mr Big. She couldn’t do anything to me as she was just taken over… he head being pushed into my stomach, more of those little yelping noises…. After a while and some more strange, sometimes very loud, but definitely happy sounds form her, we moved around again.

She was now lying on her side, with me in her pussy from behind and he was licking her clit…. And a bit of my cock and balls I was happy to say!

I then couldn’t help myself and came inside her. He then moved over and put his huge cock in front of her mouth. She was more than happy to take it, judging by the eagerness of her hand and open mouth. I laid next to them as I watch her do all her little tricks, balls groping, tongue probing his eye and then he said ‘I’m cumming’… she took him slightly out of her mouth but kept it wide open in front of his cock…. He squirted into her mouth and on her lips and cheek. She turned to me to kiss me, she swallowed and then we kissed passionately as he just watched smiling.

We then laid down, her in the middle and I drifted off to sleep. Woken by movement on the bed, it was now a good couple of hours later and there she was half on the bed with her legs off the side, knees on the floor….. being fucked from behind…. And I thought she said he was too big for her arse cos that’s where he was as I could tell by the look on her face. I turned on my side and she took my cock back in her mouth…. But I didn’t have much to offer as I was spent. ‘take it out and fuck me properly’ she said…. He obeyed and I watched my wife’s face as she got what she needed, a really big cock slamming up into her. She was coming over and over, each thrust making her squirm. He came after what seemed like an eternity and she cold barley move to get back on the bed.

He got dressed… ‘same again next week?’…. she smiled but could barely speak. She really was well and truly fucked….. he left and she turned to cuddle up next to me.

We woke and had breakfast in the room, we then screwed in a more traditional manner but she laid there pretty much as I used her lovely pussy before she said she had something to ask me….. go on…… ‘I was thinking, now we’ve both had our first fantasies, would you let me have my next, perhaps next month or in a few weeks time? … ‘go on’…. ‘would you let me be gang banged?’….. ‘one at a time as the others stood around and watched…. Not my arse though’….. ‘How many I asked’….. ‘four, she smiled, may be six max’ before adding…. ‘if you say you’ll let me, I’ll do whatever you want with another woman’…… what was I supposed to say?