Written by WildWife

28 Jan 2017

"Is he at home?, can you come up? I fancy a nice blowjob!". He knows hubby is at home on Friday evenings. "Ye, hes here. I cant escape, sorry". I hate letting him down, I feel its my job to serve him, despite him being a dickhead. I anxiously waited for his reply "tell him your coming up for a drink with my wife, do it". I felt so obliged, my pussy ached for that huge cock but surely I couldnt do this, it was too obvious. "Well, you up for up?". Feck it, its too good to turn down. I told hubby she had text me asking me to come up for a quick drink. He didnt mind. I quickly went upstairs, put on the underwear my neighbour had bought me and off I went. As I walked up the road, I thought to myself "god how obvious is this to other neighbours, her car is gone and here I am at 8.00pm walking into his house". He answered the door with a grin "anyone see ye haha?". "I dont care, I needed to see you". We headed straight for their bedroom. He stripped me quickly, "thanks for wearing these, your tits look great". I love it when he compliments me. I decided to return the favour. I dropped to my knees and took that monster cock into my mouth. He ran his hands through my hair as I sucked him off. I climbed into their bed and ushered him in. He moved beside me. "Have you ever had anal?" "No, but tonight, that is about to change". I bent over and said "fuck my ass hard". I dont know what came over me, I wanted rough sex right there and then. He slowly pushed his cock into me, it was so tight. Once he was fully in, I shouted "now ram me as hard as you can". He took that instruction well and began hammering me so hard. The neighbours must have heard us. I slid my finger into my pussy and came so hard. He pulled it out of my ass and placed it back on lips. Without warning he came all over my face letting out a huge groan. I rolled onto my side and lay there. I turned over moments later only to see him laughing as he held my phone. He had text my husband "wont be home tonight hun, we're having a few drinks, see you in the morning xxx". He quickly text back "ok see you in the morning xxx". All I could do was smile and wrap my arms around him "will you fuck me again so?". He spent the remainder of the night in my pussy. Suffice to say, when I got home to hubby the next day I was very sore.