Written by WildWife

20 Jan 2017

So my neighbour has had the better of me the last few weeks, fucking me as he pleases, making me serve him when he wants etc. So this week I decided to get some revenge, I was tired of him using me. "Come up around 10.30, shes going out". My body got that usual tingle but I resisted "I cant, have to do something". This will teach him, he doesnt completely own me. "Ok", was his response. He didnt seem bothered. That night me and hubby were sitting on the couch watching tv when my phone went off "Was talking to the lads about you today". He's playing mind games with me "what did you tell them?". "I showed them your skills". This confused me, I hadnt a clue what he was talking about. Then came through a picture, oh shit!! He had sent them a picture of me sucking his cock to their whatsapp group!!! I didnt even know he had took it. "You bastard, why would you do that!". I have to admit, it made my pussy wet. I was less than a foot away from hubby and here I was looking at the picture of me with a cock in my mouth, our neighbours cock. "I want another blowjob tomorrow, those blowjob skills are special". This is the closest he has come to a compliment since we started fucking. I nearly orgasmed beside hubby! I sneaked upstairs and sent him a picture of my tits "show them this!". I went back downstairs and snuggled into the husband. Then my phone start buzzing. He sent me their responses, "cracking tits, no wonder you're fucking her", "I'd like to wank over those!". Each reply made me wetter. "Come down tomorrow, I'm going to wrap my lips around that cock". "See you at 10.00". So yesterday morning, he arrived. I looked at him, smiled and said "your some bastard", "shut up and give me what u promised". I pulled him upstairs and I sucked him off so hard he came all over my face. He lay there on my bed and said "Think I'll stay here until I get hard again, you go do what you have to. I'll call you when I want a fuck". And there I was thinking I'd get revenge.