Written by WildWife

7 Jan 2017

I thought I'd offer an update on my exploits with my new found owner. My husband went back to work on Tuesday so it was my first day to myself in a couple of weeks. The usual process is that I wait for my owner to text me when he wants to fuck me but it had been nearly three weeks and to be honest my body was aching for him. "Hey, you about today?". He didnt reply for over an hour so I tried again, "its been nearly 3 weeks, you bored of me?". Then finally it came "I'll be down in 10 mins, I expect you in just your knickers and high heels". I got that feeling again, I want him to fuck me but I hate the way he talks to me. I was tempted not to obey his orders but I suppose its not my choice. I got undressed, put on some nice underwear, no bra and some heels. And then I waited. 10 mins, became 30 and I got frustrated. Then the text, "shes just left, on my way, be fucking ready". At this stage my pussy was begging for him. He knocked on the door and I answered, trying to hide behind it given I was as good as naked. "Those heels can stay on, but the knickers will have to go". He instantly pulled them off me in the hallway, I hadnt even touched him yet. I moved towards the stairs but he dragged me towards the kitchen. "I'm going to fuck you where that husband of yours has dinner". He lifted me onto the kitchen table, cupped my breasts and began to suck them. I was so horny I was pulling at his clothes. He kept staring into my eyes with this aggressive look, all I could think about was how much of a prick he is. He took out his huge cock, grabbed my hand and said "do what your good at!!" He has some gaul! It didnt stop me from giving him a good wank while I kept eye contact, "who is in charge now!". He took me off the table and bent me over, positioning himself behind me. Then he said "As you serve him dinner tonight, remember how you felt as my cock rammed you!!". I hated when he said things like that but at the same time my legs widened for him. He fucked me hard while he held my hair in his grasp, occasionally licking my neck. "Fuck me you moron". That was a bad idea, his cock hit me so hard, the table moved about 2 feet forwards. My pussy exploding and I screamed so hard, the neighbour must have thought I was being murdered. He turned me around and came all over my waist and stomach. We stood there composing ourselves for a moment when he just turned around and said "I'm going to stay for lunch". He walked into the sitting room, sat down and I made my way to the kitchen to make lunch. He made me give him a blowjob as he watched tv and ate lunch. Everytime he uses me I hate him more, but my body just gives way.