Written by WildWife

2 Jan 2017

I never thought this would happen but for the last number of months, a neighbour of ours has been fucking me at his leisure. I have always been physically attracted to him but I cant stand him personally. He can be sexist and rude to his fiance in front of all of us and he thinks it is ok. Coupled with that he doesnt come across as someone you could trust all that much. He works nights so he is there most days when my husband is in work. I was looking for his wife one day but she wasnt answering her phone. I knew he was there so I text (hate talking to him) and asked where she was. He text back "shes gone out so I have some peace". It infuriated me in one way but for some strange reason it made think about him alone in the house. I decided I should reply, he cant talk like that about people. However instead of calling him out on it, I chose to be spiteful. I text him this "So you're all alone? For how long?". My intention was to get him hot and bothered and then tell him it wasnt meant for him. He responded swiftly "Long enough, you want a coffee?". My heart sank but my body tingled, I was thinking that cheeky fuck but at the same time I was aroused. "I dont drink coffee", hoping that would cool things before this backfired on me. "What about a good fuck then?". Now I hadnt a clue what to say. I didnt respond for about 15 mins, I wrote about 50 responses until my body gave in and forced me to type "On the way up". I put on some makeup, hands shaking and changed clothes, nothing too obvious. I put some stuff in a bag (it looked like I was returning some stuff lol) and walked up. The door was ajar so I just walked in, I called his name as I went in. He was in the kitchen, but he met me in the hall and started kissing me instantly as he pushed me towards the stairs. We stumbled towards his room, at this stage his hands had touched me everywhere, literally. Just as we fell onto his bed my husband text me "hey hun, whats up?". He laughed out loud, grabbed my hand forced it onto his cock and said "this!". I said "dont be so mean". His response set the tone for our session "You're about to see how mean I can be". In a instant he forced me backwards onto the bed, ripped off my clothes and said "all fours now". My head said fuck this, go home, but again my body gave in and I obeyed. He made give him a blowjob as he stood beside the bed, me like a dog on my knees. It made me aggressive, I sucked him off hoping he'd either cum or it would hurt him, either way I'd win. He seemed close to losing when he took it out of my mouth, walked around the bed behind me. I didnt move, I hadnt been told to. He took a handful of my hair and pull me back towards his impressive dick. The moment it entered me I moaned, "The bitch likes that doesnt she!". Bitch? How fucking dare he. "Fuck you, you wanker!". I have never used those words before, I was tortured by two conflicting thoughts, how he was making my body feel and what I thought about him as a person. Here I was having the fuck of my life with someone I cant stand in his bed. He fucked me harder after my insult, "I might be a wanker but your obviously a slut". The moment I heard "slut", I burst into orgasm, the best to describe it, "fuck me". I collapsed onto bed, he took his cock into his hand and wanked in front of my face. Seconds later, he came all over my face as he let out a huge groan. We were both completely spent. He went into the ensuite, cleaned himself up, came out and said "go make me a coffee would you, I'm having a shower". I instantly responded "ok boss". Since then I have succumbed to my body. He owns me and fucks me when it suits him. The mix of anger and desire has provided me with the best orgasms I've ever had.