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Husband missing in action

"I need sex"
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Published 8 months ago
Married with one child. Husband has been working in America since last February and hasn't been home. As a young girl I've always had a high sex drive and like most men I like variety. So I bed hopped through my late teens and 20s which is fine and great fun until your friends start to get serious in there relationships and you go from being great crack to being a slut. This came to a head on my hen weekend when I pulled 3 different guys on 3 different nites and slept with them. After I got married my friends dumped me. My husband knew I had a reputation but I promised to be faithful when we where married. Then he went missing for a year. I masturbated at the start which was fine then I got stuck into porn which will just drive you insane, your never satisfied. I needed dick and it was driving me crazy. I got invited to my husbands bosses house by his wife to see how I was holding up, so its just the two of us and she is a good bit older than me and has lost her shape a bit but she turns out to be good fun and after two bottles of wine i'm telling her I need dick badly, of course she laughing and I'm telling her if the hubby doesn't get home some I'll fuck the postman. Great nite good laugh taxi home. 3 days later my husbands boss knocks on my door at 10am in the morning. Im in my pjs. He asks can he come in, I'm like ok but is everything alright. Yes he says I just want to see how your getting on, he then tells me he'll do everything he can to get the hubby home. I catch him looking me up and down a couple of times when he thought I was going to look away. Then the penny drops his wife told him I'm ready to fuck the postman or anyone with a dick. He's making uncomfortable small talk and I'm weighting up the situation, why did she tell him that and what sort of a sleaze bag is he. But I was more pissed at her. So no more small talk he was here to try and fuck me plane and simple. So I said it. ''Do you want to come upstairs and fuck me'' he started to act all stunned ''well your a beautiful woman'' I was like stop '' you came here to try and fuck me and you can yes or no'' we got into the bedroom and I dropped my clothes and told him to strip I headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth. When I came out he was pulling on his dick like a madman trying to get it hard. I took his hand away and put it in my mouth he was hard 15seconds later. This guy was 6f 4inches so the odds where good he would have a big dick and he did. I needed an orgasm so I got top to make sure there where no slip ups. I came twice then he went for doggy and I came again then onto my back legs spread as wide as he can get them, this was my best orgasm then without warning he took it out and lay up beside me then he got my hand and put it on his dick so he obviously wanted me to finish him by hand so i'm lying on his chest pulling his dick then he puts his two hands on my head and starts to pushed me towards his dick. He then positions my mouth about a millimetre from his dick and angles himself so he has a perfect view. He keeps full control of my head if I move his dick a little left or right he's on it and my head fellows immediately. Then he starts to spread his legs real wide his toes are going backwards and forward and ''open your mouth wide'' he says. I open it a bit, ''for fuck sake wider'' he has his finger up my bum at this stage and I open my mouth as wide as I can. ''Thats it thats it'' he says obviously I'm doing good with my mouth at full tilt. Then his body relaxes for a split second before this explosion of cum hitting the back of my throat, the whole time he has a grip on my head making sure I don't move before he is finished emptying his load. I wouldn't be mad on how he finished but his big dick hit the spot for me everywhere else. He left in a hurry after that. I'm sure he'll be back. I'll need to have a good look at myself after this, I do feel guilty but I don't have any self control, I just want to have sex when I want it and with who I want it. Not sure marriage is for me.

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