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Husband drank to much

"Getting carried away"
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Published 3 months ago

Mad weekend in a gorgeous hotel, got talking to a lovely couple on our second. Bar closed at we got drinks and headed to there room. After a good few bottles of wine my husband headed back to our room, he does this when he is drunk, he just fucks off. Anyway I'm sent down to the porter to get more drink but he is having none of it, So nite over I'll just head to bed but I decided to let the lovely couple know that the bar was closed and I'd see them later at breakfast. But my lovely new friend decided she processed the charms capable of changing the porters mind. I'm not entirely sure what happened over the next few minutes but I somehow ended up naked and bend over the toilet with a big rod inside me. Not sure if anyone has been in a position where you can't stop doing what your doing even thought you know you are about to be caught. Everything felt so good that I just relaxed my vagina and said go it, if she walks them she walks in. He was so big and rough with me, he was pounding me so hard, I had never been fucked like this, but then the screaming started and his rod was whipped out. Before I could stand up she got a grip of my hair and dragged me out of the bathroom and pushed me out of her hotel room, now I'm standing outside there room only wearing a pair of heels, I knocked on the door to ask for my stuff but she just attacked me. So i had to go down to the porter. I was starting to sober up with the realization of what I had done, my marriage was going to be over if I didn't get back into my hotel room and get some clothes on and the fuck out of the hotel. I stood at the stairs and called the porter, he immediately looked me up and down delighted with himself, he brought me to a function room making sure I walked in front of him so he could check out my ass I'd image, but I was desperate I needed him to go up to there room and get my clothes and handbag. A couple of things happen here, my attacker comes down to reception looking for my room number but the porter refuses to give it. I'm really nervous now and I want out of this hotel but the porter refuses to go to the room and get my stuff. I have my arm folded and my legs crossed and im sitting on a chair and the porter is constantly trying to get a better position to see my bits. So I ask will you do it for sex. He agrees, blow job first then he will get the stuff then sex . I had never been with a black man before and yes he was huge, he dropped his trousers and grabbed the back of my head and didn't let go until after in ejaculated in my mouth, 20mins later I was bent over another toilet looking down at my stuff patiently waiting for this Nigerian guy to ejaculate in my vagina, he kept stopping to lick my ass hole, he wanted every position but my patience was starting to wear thin. So he agrees doggy and then proceeds to pound me as fast as he can. Now when your getting pounded like this you expect it to only last a minute or two as it is taking a lot of effort on the mans part but not this guy he never broke rhythm and kept throwing it in as hard and as fast as he could, my vagina numb before he ejaculated inside me. How any women could sex like that constantly is beyond me. I got dressed and dragged my drunk husband out the door of the hotel. Of course the porter was over to shake his hand and thank him for choosing the hotel. We just need the porter to release the door but of course he asked husband to punch in the code and as his attention was diverted the porter his hand up my dress and grabbed my ass cheek, his fingers where touching the tip of vagina and my ass hole. He whispered in my ear '' my cum is still dripping out of you''. I pulled away and punched in the code myself.     


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