Written by performer

9 Jul 2012

My wife and I had been going out since our very early twenties. My wife had just one previous sexual partner. We enjoyed a good if not hugely exciting sex life together. After 5 years of marriage, kids etc, things began to become routine and pretty unsatisfying.

We had never really talked about what we liked or disliked. One night in bed while having sex we started to talk about our fantasies. My wife is pretty conservative but very passionate. I had been interested in "the secene" for some time but we had never discussed it. She asked me about my sexual fantasies and I told her I would give her 5 guesses. She guessed 5 things, all the time while having sex, getting hornier and hornier as it was the first time we had really talked like this. Her firth guess was having sex with other people. I told her I would only enjoy having sex with other people if we did it together and that I would love to see her fucked by another man while I was with his partner. She came immediately and we were both really turned on.

The subject wasn't really discussed for a while after that then one night she mentioned one of the fantasies I had described. It was having some fun together in the cinema. She mentioned a film that she would like us to see together, getting a little bit embarrased because she knew what I was thinking.

We got a baby sitter, we hadn't been out together in ages, for time together. She put on a lovely dress, all the makeup and her sext thigh boots, totally OTT for the cinema but she looked amazing.

We were both buzzing with anticipation as we went into the theatre which was very quiet. We picked a seat near the back at the corner. We felt like teenagers again as I put my arm around her for a sneaky feel of her tits. She put her hand on my knee and slowly moved up to the bulge in my pants. She unzipped my eager cock and started to gently stroke my shaft. It felt electric as I reached under her skirt and felt the moisture on her panties.

Before I know it she is on her knees beteen my legs taking my whole cock in her mouth. I was so turned on I thought I was going to explode. I lifted her back on to her seat and got on my knees, pulled her soaking panties to oneside and plunged my tongue inside her. She was moaning and gasping as the people sitting below us were oblivious to what was happening just feet away.

She begged me to put my cock inside her and with the adrenelin and horniess rushing threw me I was fucking her hard before she had finished the sentence.

We both came hard, the hardest we had for years, while sucking each others fingers to muffle our moans of pleasure.

We both felt exhilerated. We were feeling each other up all the way home in the car and as soon as we got rid of the baby sitter we ripped each others clothes off and fucked right in the kitchen.

We then went to bed and fucked again. While talking in bed about the nights activities she said she had never been so turned on and asked me if I was. I said the only time I was more turned on was on the way home thinking if there had been another horny couple there with us.

She came again as I mentioned this and asked me was there any websites where couples arrange to meet up.

I told her that I knew of one alright, as my cock became rock hard at the thought of doing it all over again with another couple.

We had taken the first step on a road that has broght us incredibly close and made our sex lives incredibly fulfilling.

The next day I showed her pics of a couple online that lived not too far away, but just far enough. We contacted them that evening and had amazing sex just just anticipating our next experience.