Written by losramblas

12 Sep 2009

Our first 3sum with John went so well we continued to meet him for a while but then work took him away. We still loved the whole idea of sharing our sex lives with another man, and to watch another man fuck your wife is the ultimate turn on. Best if it is with stranger that way no emotional involvement on either side, just straight fucking.

Our next encounter was with a guy called Phil, a big guy in every sense. We arranged to meet him in a local hotel this time, we had now kinda gotten over the secrecy and worried if anyone would know what we were up to. We met him in car-park of the hotel and after a short chat we went straight to the room. We brought a bottle of wine with us to help things along, but it was nt really needed as we were looking forward to meeting up. In the room Jo stripped down to her underwear and fishnets as Phil got undressed, this time I decided not to join in and just watch so I too undressed and sat back in a chair as Phil got to work on my wife.

The first shock was when Phil produced his cock from his under pants, it was huge a good 9 or 10 inches, Jo nearly died when she saw it and said I don't think I be able to take all that, but I try, you see she is a small woman. I watched as she lay on the bed her head on the pillows as Phil stood at the side of the bed and fed his cock into her mouth, she did her best to take all of it , his cock was gleaming now from her spittle and from his precum and seemed to grow bigger and bigger. She was really enjoying sucking him off. Fully aroused now he got on the bed with Jo and removed her panties and began to finger her pussey, she was moist as could be and making those moaning sounds when she aroused. Phil slipped on a condom , pulled Jo around to him in the bed and placed both his hugh hands under her arse and lifted her on to his cock. She moaned even louder now as he nudged his nine incher into her, her arse was completely lifted off the bed as he slidded in and out of her. By this time my own cock was at full mast and being pulled vigorously, all I could see was his massive balls slapping in and out of her and listing to her give a moan when he pumped into her. He rode away for a good while then when he came he nearly split her in two, I never forget the face she made as he withdrew his cock from her fanny, it was a look of pain and relief, she staggered into the toilet to was her sore cunt.

When we resumed he took it more gentler with her and did her another two times as I watched and wanked, then when he left I gave her my best shot but it was like tossing sausages up o connell street , it was still very horney. She liked him a lot too but he could only meet us on rare occasions.