Written by losramblas

10 Sep 2009

About five years ago we decided to try a threesome. We had talked and fantasised about it for a long time, so after trawling the buy and sell small ads we settled on a guy called John. We agreed to meet in a hotel in Dublin. At the appointed hour John arrived in the bar of the hotel, we were anxiously scanning the crowd as to see where he was and if we' d like him. A short txt on the mobile identified him and he made his way over to our table. He was in his 40s tall, not bad looking and nicely dressed.He introduced himself and we got chatting over drinks and he was very pleasent, when he went up to the bar i asked my wife Jo, what do you think? She said yea he's nice sounds genuine. So that was enough, when he came with the drinks i said to him will we take these up to the room. I could see he was well pleased and happy with this.

Up in the room, Jo sat on the bed, she was wearing white top and knee lenght brown skirt , fishnet stockings and boots. As this was our first time I sat with her on the bed and John sat on the other bed. I started to kiss her and hold her hand as John ran his hand up along under her skirt rubbing her leg and thigh. I got her to lie back on the bed and continued to kiss her and hold her hand as John worked on her panties, gently rubbing her pussey and clit through the fabric.He then lifted her skirt and placed his mouth against her crotch, nibbling the pussey through the panty. Jo began to moan in excitement, John pushed the panties to one side and started to nibble on the her clit, this made her moan even more. I was as excited by this as she was and I could feel my cock rising. By this time John had removed her boots and had her panties slipped over on one leg as he fingered her cunt,I could also see he had taken out his cock and was wanking it as he fingered my wife. I helped to remove her top and she slipped out of the skirt. She was now only wearing bra, knickers and stocking tops. John undid the buckle of his jeans and stood out of them and dropped his boxers to his ankles, he was now standing in front of Jo with his cock firm and erect waiting for her to take it in her mouth. She took him all the way sucking and biting on his foreskin, he was well endowed and hooded. She sucked him for a good while and really enjoyed it. I was glad she was as I thought she would back out at the last minute but she was turned on by it all.

By this time we were all naked and Jo and John had sucked one and other dry, so after a short rest and more drink and chat, John was divorced and not in a relationship and worked for himself. he was very fit guy and sociable.

My self and Jo are in our 50s and had varied sexual experience that I will tell you about later.

by now Jo was excited by the prospect of taking Johns cock and I was every bit as excited in watching her. John slipped on a condom and with Jo on her back he guided his cock into her fanny, again she moaned softly as he took her and started to ride her gently at first then as he got going he lifted her legs in the air and began to push deeper inside her. As she got carried away she started to egg him on , come , come , come in me, come in me. She now held her own legs in the air as he drove deeper into her fanny, I had my cock out now as this was the first time I ever saw another man ride my wife. He ploughed her cunt with all his weight as he rode on and on bringing Jo to the brink every time. Then with a huge shudder he emptied his load into her. The time for holding her hand was truely over as I saw how she had taken John, as she was still flushed i took over and slid my cock into her and continued fucking her bareback, in no time I had filled her pussey.

Well that was our first threesum it was the best sex we ever had, we continued to see John for a while then we moved on and met other lovers.....