Written by thestimulator69

14 Jan 2014

I answered an ad for a guy to join a couple for a 3some , with an emphasis on cuckolding ,, so after a couple of emails usual stuff what do ya like and photo swap we arranged a date , the couple met me for coffee he was a really nice fella and she was hot and horny , so they agreed that I was ideal and made them both feel comfortable , the meeting was to be at their house , it was in east cork , she didnt look so hot more mumsy and frumpy but sure I was as horny as hell and would have rode the cat lol ,, so she noelle made coffee and paddy got the biscuits and we sat down and had that and a chat , when all of a sudden noelle stood up and told paddy to get up stairs and get naked we will be up soon ,, and paddy went off to the sex room as they called it ,,noelle turned to me and kissed me full and said she is so looking forward to this !!! So am I ,, she took my hand and led me uostairs into the sex room ,, where paddy stood naked undress jake she told paddy and fold his clothes , so paddy helped me derobe and he folded my clothes on the chair , when I looked around noelle was stood in bra panties and hold up stockings and god she looked hot good figure and nice boobs , make me wet she said to paddy and he went down on her and ate her pussy thru her panties , it was a nice sight , she started to moan and said ok enough now get jake hard and paddy went down on me and sucked my cock to full hardness , then he produced a condom and put it on me and I then turned to see noelle legs wide open and panties gone exposing herself and she was wet I slipped my cock into her hot cunt and pumped nice and slow building into a good hard rythem she then said she wanted to go on top so I lay on my back and noelle straddled me reverse cowgirl and she then told paddy to lick her clit while she pounded up and down on my cock ,, paddy was good because in no time noelle was cumming and she was very verbal abusing paddy saying he had a pathetic small cock she then turned to face me and ground her pussy on my cock until I could hold back no more and I came it was a big load to I am normally a heavy cumer but this was big , noelle got off of me and told paddy , to clean jake and feed her ,, now I was a little bewildered but sure paddy took the full condom from my cock and sucked on my cock , well if someone does that I get hard almost instantly then paddy turned and poured the cum from the condom into noelle's mouth ,, noelle finished licking her lips and noticed I was hard again and she then told paddy to get another condom which he duly obeyed put it on my cock and noelle got on all fours and I fucked her red puffy pussy again ,, I was fucking for a good ten minutes and she was playing with her clit and paddy still like the whole time standing watching waiting for his next job when noelle said ok paddy finish jake but I want the cum so paddy sucked my cock until my hips started bucking and noelle then took over and I cum deep in her throat which she took greedily ,, she then said to me would you like a shower , yes please I answered and paddy was told take jake to the shower and wash him so I had a shower with paddy soaping me all over and then rinsing , he dried me with a nice fluffy towel and helped me dress , noelle had a shower and paddy and I went to the kitchen and had more coffee noelle joined us her smile said it all after coffee I left about an hour later I got a call from paddy , he said thanks noelle had a great time and would I call again !!!!!