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House mate in uni

"Caught in the act"
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Published 1 year ago
Back when I was in uni I shared a house in belfast with 5 other people. I only knew one of them before moving in. I had a gf and she would come down to visit me and stay over 2/3 times a week. One of the girls who lived in the house was quite pretty and I had worked out in a very short time liked male company alot. One night when my gf didn't come down I was lying in my roof half asleep. My house mate came home quite drunk and she barged straight into my room (the door was actually locked but was dodgy - more on that later) . Not knowing her that well I asked her if she was alright as I thought she walked into my room by accident cos she was wasted. She said no she meant to come in to my room. She proceeded to lie across me with her back on my stomach at an angle. I could see all..... She then told me that I reminded her of her ex bf who she had recently split up with and she really missed him. What I did next surprised even me but its important for the story. I said sorry about her ex and that she should go to her own room as she would regret it in the morning. Hardest thing I ever did as it was literally there.... She reacted badly and went to her room. The next day I seen her in the kitchen and she proceeded to slag me off in front of the others in the house and telling everybody that I didn't deserve my gf but not saying anything about what happened. I was confused but I thought it was her way of dealing with the embarrassment of the night before. Fast forward a couple of weeks and every time my gf came to stay my house mate would say something smart ass to her or about me in a way where u really slag someone off but really like them. This was not lost on my gf who constantly was worried about us hooking up when she wasn't there... To be honest it had crossed my mind but nothing happened. In the end between. Paranoia and the travelling my ex split up with me.... So u can imagine what happens next lol.... So for a couple of weeks nothing happened between us... Till one night I had came back from pub and went into the living room where she was sitting on sofa. She was drunk and so was I so I said right let's do this now thinking that it would be a no... But alas I got a sure, so we ran upstairs and into my room. Halfway up the stairs I heard the front door opening in house and my house mates returned. Neither of us wanted them to know so I locked my door as soon as we got it. She was wearing denim skirt and boots so I basically was in her deep in about 10 seconds. We were going at it when I heard my door being thumped by my house mates who had seen us running upstairs... And then I remembered the dodgy bloody lock and of course the whole house landed into the room with me balls deep... The sagging I got for thag was worth it... And the best part.... She didn't stop when everyone was in the room she kept pulling me into her... She didn't care a bit!!!

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