Written by R

30 Sep 2015

Girlfriend orgy

My girlfriend S and I had gotten into a bit of a sex routine lately with no major excitement or games. We were both busy with work. I didn't get any time to go out to play and she hasn't come across any chances to play either.

I hatched a quick plan that went well last weekend. I had a business meeting last Saturday and the company organised a very nice hotel for me in the city for Friday night.

I had Friday off so I checked in early. S had work so she wasn't able to join me till much later that night. I told her that I'll text her my room number and to come in her sexy lingerie and her tench coat and nothing else.

In the meantime I got texted some of swinger contacts to meet for drinks at the hotel bar. As the evening drew to a close,the group to moved to the room. There was a guy from an online ad and a couple that I knew well.

The guy was single and had put up a good set of pics online and the couple and I had a threesome a good while back after meeting on a forum.

Come 10pm we were all in the room the girl was super honey and started sucking the two other guys off and I texted S to see how far she was. She texted when she was at the lobby and I got the two guys and the girl to lie on the bed in a row as I got the door. I got her to close her eyes and walked her in and stood her by the bed and said surprise!

S was thrilled. The two guys were well hung and fit and the girl was gorgeous with short blond hair and a killer body.

It was a fun night! The two girls got well fucked. The single guy performed very well for a first timer. S was much more willing to do things than the other girl at the start but the girls got edging each other on and soon they were both trying to one up each other.

We had some good games. We gave each girl 1min each to make the guy cum just by sucking and neither of them did it. Then we got the single guy to lick the two girls while they gave blowjobs and his job was to make sure they both orgasmed while sucking a cock each.

Both the girls had a great time and made sure the three guys in the room were well drained of every bit of cum inside us. The other girl took her partners load inside. S took my load inside her wet hole and sucked and swallowed the single guys load.

By 1am I was ready to call it a night but S and the rest went out for some more fun in town. This stuff is so much fun. Why aren't more people doing this?