Written by kirishlad

18 Jan 2012

Ok time for part two of my hotel meet with Susan.

After what was possibly the most passionate sex I had ever had I quite literally collapsed on top of her, which she didn’t seem to mind and she slipped her arms around me and kissed my face and neck while my breathing came back to normal and my cock softened inside her. After a minute or two I pulled out and lay on my back, without saying a word she went down and took the condom off me, I was totally chilled out now (you know the feeling lads) and was thinking I would have a nice rest for a while.

But Susan had different ideas, after taking off the condom I felt her hot mouth covering my now soft cock, soft as it may have been it was still hypersensitive from coming and the sensation of her mouth on it was amazing, I laughed at her and told her that I’m not 18 anymore and she would have no chance of getting me hard again till I had at least 30 minutes rest, she just laughed and moaned in her deep sexy voice and said we shall see and then went back to sucking me. So I was there thinking life is good, just had a fantastic ride and there is this sexy woman sucking on my cock while I relax and I was looking forward to enjoying the sensation for a good long while.

Strangely after a few minutes of her sucking I started to feel myself getting hard again, this was a surprise to me as it normally takes me longer. Starting to get into it, moaning with pleasure and running my fingers through her hair and down her back to her ass. Spurred on by my reaction Susan redoubled her efforts and soon had me rock hard and she tried to take as much of me as possible into her hot wet mouth and the sound of her gagging on it as it hit the back of her throat only made me harder. After a few minutes she came up and straddled me saying with her naughty grin “See I told you I could make you hard!” I just kissed her and the feeling of her hard nipples rubbing off my chest and the wetness of her pussy rubbing against my cock as she ground her hips into me was amazing. Tracing my hands down her back and grabbing her big ass cheeks and spreading them I could feel the cool air drying her juices which were now covering my cock and balls, mmmmmmmm she moaned as the cold air was clearly having an effect on her pussy too. Dipping a finger in to wet it I them slipped a finger up her ass which started her trembling again and she kissed me hard as a small orgasm spread through her body.

Never one to allow a lady to do all the work I decided to roll her over and spend some time pleasuring her, as part of the lead up to this meet and the conversations as to what we were going to do to each other Susan had agreed to bring her collection of sex toys with her. These consisted of a realistic cock shaped vibrator which was about 9 inches long and quite thick, (just as well I’m not easily intimidated) a vibrating bullet and a anal stimulator which to be honest looked painful so I discarded that grabbed the other two and set to work! Lying in the 69 position but on our sides, I started fingering her pussy while at the same time I took her clit into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue, this had the desired effect as she was squirming around on the bed moaning and panting, this carried on with me sucking on her clit and her big puffy pussy lips and one by one inserting more fingers in her wet pussy till I had all four in and then I finished the job by sticking my thumb up her ass!, oh fuck yes she screamed which I took as my carry on, so I pumped away with my hand in this position while still sucking her clit as hard as I could till she screamed and squirted all over my face and hand!!

Seeing the effect I had on her made me want her even more so as she was coming down I continued to lick her pussy and as I was pulling my fingers out of her she kept shuddering with little aftershocks while all the time she was moaning and whimpering, she then started playing with my cock again which was at her face level stroking it sucking it and licking my balls. When I had completely removed my fingers from her I could help myself at the sight of her swollen red pussy lips so I spent the next few minutes kissing sucking licking and probing her with my tongue. This was clearly getting her very aroused as she was now sucking on my cock like her life depended on it and I was getting really worked up again and knew if I let her carry on I would be cumming again within a few minutes, but I had other ideas, pulling my cock out of her mouth and out of her reach I kneeled between her legs and grabbing the vibrating bullet off the bed I went to work on her clit with it. This started her off again moaning and squirming on the bed so I took the big cock shaped vibrator as slid it into her pussy, she was so wet and so relaxed it slipped in with practically no resistance till it was all the way inside her, then I turned it on Full power and this sent her over the edge again and she was screaming and grabbing the sheets on the bed as she came again squirting all over my hand again.

I was so horny at this point that I just had to fuck her so I turned her over slipped on a condom on my now rock hard cock and entered her doggy style, to be honest I wasn’t expecting much more from her as I thought she was totally spent at this stage after having cum 3 times in the last hour or so but when I entered here she just wriggled her ass back towards me and started meeting my trusts with a push back each time with the momentum getting harder and faster with each stroke and her now face down on the bed screaming into it. Knowing she is into anal and seeing her puckered asshole there in front of me I just had to go for it, so I withdrew from her pussy and as she started to protest I told her in a stern and definite voice I’m Now going to fuck you in the ass! to which she just replied ok but please be careful. Given that my condom covered cock was completely soaked with her juice I felt there was no need for the tube of KY jelly she handed me so I only put a token amount around her ass, then taking my cock in hand I gently massaged her ring piece with the head till I could push in just inside her, this was tight but I gently pushed ever so slightly back and forth with my knob just inside her ass till I felt her relax and then bit by bit I pushed my cock all the way inside her tight ass! I asked her was she ok and she just moaned “Yes please fuck my ass!” So grabbing her hips I proceeded to do just that starting off gently and then building up speed.

Early on in our conversations and before we had even met for the first time I had told Susan I had always wanted to fuck a woman in the ass while another man fucked her pussy but failing that I said it would be hot for the woman to fuck her pussy with a dildo while I was in her ass, so you can imagine my delight when I seen her pick up the big vibrator off the bed and it disappear under her towards her pussy! As she pushed it into her pussy meeting quite bit of resistance this time I felt her ass get even tighter around my thick shaft, fucking hell I was in ecstasy! We got a nice rhythm going and again we started building up speed till I was just holding on to this wild bucking woman by the hips and fucking her so hard that the was a loud slap ever time I plunged in and she had her face buried into a pillow and was really screaming at the top of her voice which was just as well because I’m sure if she hadn’t we would have had the hotel manager knocking at our door in seconds!

I don’t know how long we were like this but I think it is safe to say that when we both came and we came at the same time that it was easily the most intense orgasm of our lives! So tight was her ass around my shaft that I could actually feel the cum in my cock passing her sphincter mussel like it would if you have ever held your thumb against your cock when coming (lads if ye haven’t tried this do)

As I slowed my pace Susan just collapsed on the bed lying flat out and just trembling and shaking!

I made my way to the bath room to clean up and slipped into the shower as I just stood under the hot stream of water thinking that was the most intense experience of my life the door opened and Susan slipped in behind me putting her arms around me and kissing my neck I thought, oh boy this is going to be a long night! Which it proved to be but oh so enjoyable!!!!!