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kirishlad 9 years ago

Hotel meet with Susan

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I submitted the first part of the story a few weeks back, that was called Afternoon surprise. Since then it has had over 1,400 views and a few nice comments. I have also had quite a few whispers and mails asking me what happened next. So if you want the background read that one first before this one After our first very horny meeting it was clear to both Susan and I that we were going to be very very compatible as playmates and I am happy to say we have met many times since but this story relates to our first Hotel meet. After the first meet we had a few horny conversations and lot of texts going back and forward, we decided to meet for a hotel session and set about planning when and where we could make it happen. Limerick was decided as the place and we agreed on a date and I booked a nice hotel. Well it was a week or two away at that stage and the text and chat conversations got more and more x-rated and as time passed it was very clear to me that Susan was up for pretty much anything as long as there was no pain involved. To say I was looking forward to it was an understatement! We were Due to meet on a Wednesday so you can imagine my frustration when I got a text from her the Friday beforehand to say she wasn’t feeling well and that she was off to the doctors, by Sunday it was clear that she was not going to be well enough to meet and with a heavy hearth I postponed the hotel for a week. After what seemed like a life time the day of the meet arrived. I had got to Limerick early and finished my days work so I was checked into the hotel by 3:30 in the afternoon. Susan had texted me to say that she had left home and would be there about 4:30, by 4:35 she wasn’t there and I was pacing the room like an excited teenager. I sent her a text asking where she was an got an instant reply “just parked beside your car in the car park”. The hotel had a system that requires a key card to be used to operate the elevator so I had to go down and collect her. When I walked into the carpark she was bending over looking for something in the boot of her car, I was admiring her ass as I walked up and couldn’t help running my hand over it before saying a word, as I touched her I felt her whole body stiffen but then relax when I said hello, she then gave her ass a little shake and she let out a deep moan as my hand slipped between her legs. So that was the awkward tension out of the way! Into the lift and a deep passionate kiss while the lift made it’s way to our floor and even though I had a room with a king-size bed and fresh linen waiting for us I didn’t want the lift journey to end. End it did and within a couple of minutes we were in the room ripping each other’s clothes off in frenzy. We both got completely naked, don’t get me wrong I’m all for nice lingerie, it’s nice to look at in picture’s but when I’m in bed with a woman I much prefer skin on skin. Susan’s body was wonderful with full breasts and nipples which went from small and light brown to a deep dark brown and really hard and erect as they responded to my sucking. Her pussy was freshly waxed and her lips were puffy and wet. As I was exploring her body Susan took my cock and sucked it deep into her mouth rubbing her tongue off my knob and its slit which was sending what felt like electric shocks through my whole body. I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer if she continued to do this so I stopped her by kneeling between her legs and licking up and down her wet pussy lips and then taking her clit into my mouth sucking it between my teeth and flicking it with the end of my tongue. This sent her into the first of many orgasm’s she was to have during our time together, I felt her start to shake then she wrapped he legs around my neck like she was pulling me further into her and then began to shake violently as the wave of her orgasm cam over her and I could feel her wetness increase as she came. As she relaxed I kissed my way up her body and soon got back to her mouth and for my efforts received the most passionate kiss I have ever had, this had the effect of making my already hard cock feel like it was made out of granite and about to explode, I could feel it rubbing against her wet pussy mound and lips and so wanted to just burry it deep inside her, but common sense prevailed and I grabbed a condom putting it on as quick as I could. When putting on the condom I had sat back on my knees and was still between Susan’s legs and was enjoying the view. Without looking Susan sensed that I had finished the job in hand and she looked me straight in the eye and in a loud whisper said “Please fuck me” Placing my hands behind her knees I pushed her knees up and spread them wide giving me perfect access to her wet opening, positioned my cock at the entrance and gently pushed the head of it inside her causing her to gasp oh fuck yes!, then letting go of her knees and pushing with all my weight I sank deep into her wet pussy all the way to the hilt, she let out such a scream that I thought I must have hurt her and was about to pull out when she grabbed be around the neck and screamed fuck me fuck me fuck me !!!! Well I didn’t need any more encouragement I just went for it and in what probably was a fairly savage way just banged into her as hard and as fast as I could all the time being encouraged by her telling me to fuck her harder and faster! I don’t know how long it lasted but my hearth was pumping and the sweat was rolling off me but I kept going till I could hold on no longer, in one final trust I buried my cock deep inside her! as she felt me Cumming inside her she wrapped her legs around my back and as I pumped my cum in her I could feel the mussels of her pussy twitching around my shaft like she was milking me for every last drop! I was going to write all of the evening’s adventures in one story but looking up I think this one is already long enough, so I will leave it at this for now but will write the last part of this story very soon

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