Written by Hotmale

22 Jun 2014

We had exchanged numbers and had been texting for close to two weeks, the Saturday evening had finally come and as agreed I was in the hotel room and was to text on the room number when she arrived at reception. It hadn't been my first time to meet someone for a one night encounter although felt myself slightly nervous as I had text her room number 611 and I knew she was on her way. The knock on the door finally arrived and as agreed I didn't wait too long on fulfilling what we had talked about and what I had came over for two full weeks. I opened the door and closed it behind her as I immediately pinned her to the wall, hiking her dress up around her waist as I then slid her thong to the side to feel her already soaking wet pussy, slipping a finger inside to hear her moan as I kissed her neck slowly and softly as I could feel her soaking wet pussy on my hand, she reached for my rock hard cock which was bulging through my jeans as she unzipped my jeans and started to wank my cock hard and fast as I fingered her while revealing her breasts as I licked and sucked her erect nipples. We were enjoying fondling one another as I then told her to bend over and grab her ankles as I then pulled her thong off around her ankles as she stepped out of her thong as I took my now throbbing hard cock and teasingly rubbed it against her tight sexy ass and soaking tight wet pussy, teasing her as she turned around and told me to fuck her and make her my dirty little fuck toy as I shoved my cock deep inside her pussy as I gave her every inch of me as I fucked her hard and fast, pounding her pussy as I spanked her ass as she gladly took my cock while moaning and screaming as I teasingly rubbed her ass as I fucked her even harder now. My hands grabbing her by her waist as I then pinned her head to the bed as I enjoyed her tight wet pussy lips sliding up and down my cock, she was grinding back against me as we fucked so hard. I told her to drop to her knees and take my cock in her naughty mouth as she smirked and didn't take longer than a few seconds to drop down as I stood in front of her as she licked from the base of my cock all the way to the tip as she swirled her tongue on my cock as I grabbed her head by the hair as she started to deep throat me as her hand slipped down her hot body to rub her clit as she took me deep. I was loving it as my hand reached down to help her with her pussy as she glazed up at me with her sexy eyes as she took my hot load all over her mouth and tits and licked it all up.......I came one of 9 times that evening......one night turned into one weekend