Written by NDK

26 Dec 2009

We were staying away and were having dinner in the hotel restaurant when she noticed a guy in the restaurant who couldn't stop looking at her and of course she eyeballed him back as she loves to flirt. As time went on we left the restaurant and went to the bar, she asked me to hold back a bit and I went off to the loo when I returned he was over chatting to her she introduced me to him and told him I was her boss, I offered to buy a round of drinks and left them alone again, when I got back he was sitting beside her I sat opposite them and joined in the conversation I watched as he surreptitiously stroked her leg with his little finger I was feeling horny as I knew M. was enjoying every minute especially as he was at least 15 years her junior.

I offered M. a game of pool and he followed us over to the pool table to watch, he wasted no time in taking every opportunity to snatch a quick feel of her ass, he thought I hadn't noticed but I had a very good idea of what was happening especially when they were standing behind me.

We had another drink and I went off to the loo again and when I came back they were all over each other but when they heard me coming back they quickly rearranged themselves I looked at M. and asked her if she minded if I went on to bed she winked at me and said okay don't let me keep you up. I looked over at him to bid him good night and I couldn't help noticing he had a huge hard on.

I was feeling extremely horny when I got back to the room as my mind was running over time thinking about what they could be getting up to.

It seemed like an age by the time she got back to me as she jumped on the bed beside me she asked would I like to have a kiss especially as she had just given him a blow job. When we kissed I could taste his spunk in her mouth. I was extremely turned on as she told me all about the wild hot hard fucking he give her and finally she give him a blow job to remember and he ending up cumming in her mouth, we fucked three times during the night and then again in the morning.