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Hotel fuck

"She enjoyed it."
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Published 9 months ago
Myself and my wife try and get in to dublin every couple of months for a city break away for the kids. While we always get back to the hotel drunk she always wants sex at the end of the nite but is never able to cum. Somethings I think this is down to my penis size. She would be extremely good looking but its her body which is so perfect. She is 5f 6in size 10 waist and 36C with blonde hair. Anyway she has no problem cumin when sober just drunk is the problem. So we where in the hotel bar chatting to this lad from limerick and when my wife headed to the toilet I asked him to make a move on her, I told him to tell her how beautiful she was and how he would like to lick her pussy and fuck her all nite. He was more than shocked but agreed so I headed off to the toilet and when I got back my wife was clearly acting a bit strange. She had a guilty look on her face. So our limerick friend had clearly made a move but the wife didn't seem offended at all, in fact she had gotten a bit flirtatious with him. As the bar closed I decided to get a bottle of wine for the room. And my wife asked our friend if he wanted to join us. Nothing knew here as she would do this with anyone we where talking to a the end of the nite. So we let the wife head up and i told our limerick that I wanted him to fuck my wife if she would agree. But I told him he must keep asking her during sex (do you like my big dick) stuff like this. As we don't talk like that during sex. So we are in the room and after putting on music and trying to get the wife to dance with our friend I eventually had to dare her to kiss him. Ridiculous I know but last resort if she said no it was good nite and hope she didn't remember I said it the next day but amazingly she went for it. Our friend didn't waste anytime, he almost immediately put his hand up her skirt. The wife let it go for about 10seconds and then pulled away. Do you want this she asked me. My knees where shaking with excitement. But I was like what the fuck. I just said yeah. Without saying anything she staggered into the bathroom and shut the door after about ten minutes the door opened, my wife was completely naked she walked over to our friend and started to french kiss him. His hands where everywhere all over her. He took his top off and shoes and then pushed my wife away. He told her to get on her knees. So as she did he then took off his trousers revealing this massive bulge in his white fronts. My wife leaned in and pulled them down. His dick was fuckin huge. My wife pulled his foreskin back as far as it would go making his cock look even bigger. She looked at me while moving her head forward with her mouth opened filling her mouth with his throbbing cock. I could see the vein running along the side of his penis as it was sliding in and out of her mouth. In fairness to our friend he hadn't forgotten the brief. He almost immediately pulled her head away and asked her if she liked big dick. My wife said yeah but didn't seem comfortable saying it. Then he pulled her head away and said tell him you like big dick, she looked at me and said ''I like big dick'' he lifted her onto the bed and started to lick her out. She was loving this every so often he would stand up and put his dick in her pussy for a second. My wife started to ask him to fuck her ''put it in'' she would say. He would make her say I want your big dick then he would fuck her fast and hard asking her every second do you like big dick. She kept replying '' I love big cock'' then after 20mins of this she came. He then bent her over onto all fours and repeated the process again. Unbelievably she came again and got really into the dick talk. He was the one struggling to cum. He eventually got ahead of steam up and putting her back on her back and spreading her legs again. He was fucking her as fast as he could ''tell me you like you big dick''my wife at this point had put on a baby voice saying '' I love your big dick now I want your big cum , Are going to cum for me with your big dick'' I had never seen my wife like this. ''Come on fuck me harder with your big dick I'm a bold girl cause I love big cum filled cock. Our friend couldn't hold it any longer and either could I. He pulled his cock out and my wife and without hesitation she reached down and pulled his foreskin back and forward his cum shot out passed her tits hitting her in face and lips. She then looked at me and said ''is this what you wanted of your wife are you a happier husband now'' before sucking his cum filled cock. He could barely take it as his dick started to deflate . Wife was a different person that nite. We put the nite down to drink. That's it.

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