14 Apr 2017

After a few sexy chats on the phone with Noleen, we decided to meet up for a night of fun. Noleen lived close by, but going by her moans of pleasure on the phone, it was going to be a wild night, so we booked a hotel for the occasion. Noleen told me to pick her up and that she’d have a nice surprise for me.

My balls tingled with excitement driving to Noleen’s house. I called her when I arrived, and she told me she was already dripping wet. A minute later, she emerged from her front door. She wore a beige trench coat, black tights, or stockings I hoped, and black stiletto heels. My balls tightened and my cock hardened, as she stepped into the car. She leaned over to give me a kiss, leaving red lipstick on my cheek, and grabbed my cock through my pants. “looks like you’re ready” she teased. She placed her bag on her knees, so I couldn’t tease her back.

The drive to the hotel took about 20 minutes. On the way, Noleen massaged my cock through my pants. Pulling into the hotel, I could feel the coolness of my pre-cum stained underwear against my cock. Noleen told me to drop her off at the door of the hotel, and she’d wait in reception, while I park the car.

I drove into the hotel drop off area. Noleen handed me her bag. “have a few surprises in here for you”, she teased, flashing the lacy tops of her stockings and suspender straps under her coat. I nearly came right there. She had no skirt or dress on under her coat, just stockings and a suspender belt. Noleen got out of the car, and strutted into the hotel. Every man she passed was mesmerised by her legs, and if you looked closely, you could see a hint of her lacy stocking tops, just below her coat.

I parked the car, and tried to hide my erection walking into the hotel. I joined Noleen at the lounge. She had already checked us in, and I was eager to get to the room, to take off that coat. Noleen sipped on her coffee, and told me to order a drink and relax. She was enjoying teasing me, giving me the occasional flash of her stockinged legs. I asked her what were these surprises that she had mentioned in the car. She uncrossed and crossed her legs the other way, discreetly lifting the end of her coat exposing her suspender strap. She ran her finger along the strap, giving it a flick with her finger, snapping it on her leg. “you’ll have to wait and see”, she teased. She uncrossed, and crossed her legs back, this time flashing her lacy knickers to me.

Noleen excused herself to go to the toilets. I watched her legs strut across the lounge, trying to hide my throbbing hard on. She walked past three men in suits having lunch, who couldn’t take their eyes off her. They noticed she had only stockings on underneath, as you could see the lacy tops through the slit at the back as she walked. She took the long route to the toilets, giving them a good opportunity to admire her legs and notice the top of her sexy stockings.

When Noleen returned, she had a button undone on her coat, showing off her lovely tits. We headed for the lift right away, before she attracted too much attention. I ran my hand up her leg in the lift. My cock strained in my pants. Noleen unbuttoned another button, giving a clear view of her lacy bra and tits as the doors opened. The couple waiting on the lift got a shock as we headed for the room.

Noleen’s coat was fully unbuttoned by the time we entered the room. Underneath she wore a red and black lacy bra, with her nipples visible through the material, matching knickers and suspender belt. She unbuckled my belt, releasing my hard cock, and got on her knees, taking my cock in her mouth. She sucked it all the way from the base to the top. I looked down at her tits pouring out of her bra. After a few long slow sucks of my cock, I told her to stand up and take off her coat. She stood up and strutted over to the desk, slowly peeling the jacket off her shoulders and dropping it to the floor. She bent over the desk, showing me her ass and pussy which were visible through her knickers. “I’m a naughty girl”, she purred, adjusting her suspender straps and rubbing her pussy through her sheer knickers.

I walked over and stood behind her. “hands on the table”, I instructed. Noleen moaned as I slid my cock inside her knickers, teasing her pussy. “fuck my pussy”, she moaned. I slid her knickers off her waist, and down her legs. Luckily she wore them over the suspender belt. They dropped to the floor and she stood out of them, this time standing with her legs wide apart. “fuck me”, she moaned, reaching to her wet pussy. I slapped her hard on the ass, causing her to gasp. “hands on the table”, I shouted. Noleen complied. I slapped my hard cock on her ass, then rubbed the head along her pussy lips. She was dripping wet. She stood in her stiletto heels, two feet apart, with her hands flat on the table. If she moved them an inch off the table, she knew she would get a stinging slap on her ass.