Written by Anonymous

17 Apr 2009

We were on family hols in turkey> The usual holiday kids play parents chat n have a drink. There was a family there that we got chattin to n strait away i clicked with the hub but thought nothing of it. On our last nite hub n I were at the bar and the other couple were at a table with others. His wife went to their apt with kids and he came to bar to hub n I for a drink. We were havin a laugh n then my hub decided it was time for bed and as I still had a full drink in front of me he left me to finish it with the other guy. We had a few more drinks just chattin n laughin with absolutely no hint from either of us that there was more to come. When the bar closed as we walked back to our apartments we both said we would love a swim n headed for the pool. We both stripped to the waist gigglin n trying to be quiet n then we both looked at each other and started kissing. The kiss was so passionate and sexually charged that I had to pull away and try to pull us both back to our senses but he just pulled me to hum and said in a voice that I hadnt heard in him all week that he wanted to fuck me no matter what and once the words were said aloud that was it we were all over each other. I couldnt believe we were stripping naked under someones apt window and he pulled me down on a sunbed and as I straddled him he took my big tits in his hands and kneaded them as he sucked hard on my ererct nipples. You could feel the electricity surging through both of us. I wanted to feel his touch on my hot wet cunt so bad that we moved me under him and as soon as his finger tips touched my cunt I wanted all of him inside of me. He said as soon as he felt my wet pussy juice soaked cunt that he would cum off there n then if he didnt enter me. I held my breath so hard as he pushed his fab cock deep into me which slipped in so easy as I was so wet. He cupped my tits and sucked my nipples as he fucked me which although he came after only a few thrusts which would normally disappoint me and not nearly enough to make me orgasm I didnt tell him we were being watched by one of the Turkish waiters and as he withdrew his cock he used his cock n fingers to stim my clit and knowing the waiter had full view of this my orgasm peaked and I let it go at full power and my fuck juices gushed outta me. He pressed his hand to my cunt to feel the force of my orgasm and knew though it was a quick fuck it was an amazingly hot fuck. Just as he sat up he heard a rustle and said hurry someone coming but i laughed n said no they are leaving as the show is over. We dressed and headed back to our apts I asked if we could meet up at home as we live in same county but as he was leaving next morning I didnt get a chance to talk to him and would love to have got his num and had another fuck from him even just once. The next day all the waiters asked me if I had enjoyed my last night in Turkey and I laughed and said to them you know I did. Going again this year and must admit I fantasise about him being there again. I wish. It was by far the quickest but hottest fuck I ever had and would be very hard to beat it.