Written by dejamartin

31 May 2009

I didn't know Mike and Jenny all that well. Mike had arrived as a contractor in my office

and had been working with me for a few months. Jenny had arrived to meet Mike for lunch occasionally and had turned up at a few social events. They were both about 30, slim and

good-looking. Jenny was dark-haired with quite striking brown eyes.

One Friday after work, Mike and I went for a few drinks in a pub near the office. Jenny

joined us at about 10pm, after some drinks with her own colleages. She was wearing a short

black dress, sheer black tights and expensive-looking low-heeled black shoes. I

complemented her on her dress and she touched the back of my hand gently as she thanked me.

After a while, we left the pub, and got a taxi together, as their house was on the way to

mine. I sat in the front and chatted with the driver but I noticed that for a few minutes

Mike and Jenny shared a passionate and tonguey kiss. I couldn't help glancing around and

seeing Mikes hand stroke Jenny's gorgeous nylon-clad thigh.

When the car pulled up at their driveway, Mike said "Martin, how would you like another

beer?" I expressed grateful reluctance and said that it was quite late and that I didn't

want to impose. "Oh, come on in for a while", said Jenny, "it's not that late!". I needed

no further convincing.

The house was brightly decorated with tasteful furniture. The place was spotless and

comfortable. Jenny and I went into the living room and sat on a three seater-couch opposite

the TV and chatted about how they came to buy the house in that area. We were sitting

forward on the couch and I couldn't help but feel a tingle of excitement as the hem of

Jenny's dress seemed to move slightly upwards on her thighs and her right knee gently

touched my left knee. Mike soon emerged from the kitchen with two bottles of beer and a

glass of white wine. He joined us on the couch and sat on the other side of Jenny. As she

sipped her wine, her left hand gently stroked Mike's knee.

We talked for a while about nothing in articular. It was enjoyable company and I felt very comfortable with the two of them. After a while I noticed in the glass-fronted cabinet

beneath the TV there was a substantial DVD collection. When I mentioned it, a glance passed between them that I couldn't quite figure out. Jenny asked, "would you like me to put one on?" I wasn't sure if the question was directed at me or Mike but Mike answered, "Yes, go on". Jenny seemed to know immediately which DVD to reach for. She knelt and slid it into the tray on the DVD-player and switched on the TV. She was back sitting between us as the film started.

Nobody said a word in the room as the German film came to life in front of us. On the screen, a couple rode through the countryside on a large motorcycle and arrived at a forest clearing. They dismounted and the man leaned back against the machine while the girl unzipped the front of his leathers. She reached in and out sprung an enormous erect cock which she immediately started to devour between her ruby-red lips as she unzipped her own leathers.

I was both shocked and enormously excited. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jenny smile as I crossed my legs in an effort to hide the erection which had been threatening to develop all evening but which was now beyond any attempt to control. As the man on the screen, now naked, bent the girl over the saddle of the bike and rammed his enormous cock into her as she groaned convicingly, Jenny's left hand moved in the direction of Mike's crotch, which I couldn't see - mainly because I was afraid to look. The sound of Mike's jeans unzipping seemed much louder than it should have been! I heard him groan very slightly as Jenny did whatever she did with her left hand. I knew it was just her left hand as her right hand was now on my left thigh, her delicate fingers gently squeezing and unsqueezing, moving upwards, a centimetre at a time.

Mike's pleasure was now obvious as his breathing audibly quickened. Jenny spoke first. "We better not leave our guest out", she almost whispered as she deftly unzipped me, momentarily moving her attention from Mike as she used both hands to complete the task. She gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek as she moved her left hand back to Mike, whose cock I now dared to look at. It was an impressive penis - larger than mine, or so it seemed and it was

responding magnificently as Jenny firmly massaged it in her small but expert hand.

Meanwhile, her right hand reached in through my open fly and explored me through my briefs. I moved my right hand down and between us we liberated my rigid and throbbing cock. I thought I was going to orgasm then and there from a mixture of shock, excitement and extreme sexual energy. We sat there for some time - maybe 5 minutes as Jenny generously handled us both. Most of the time my eyes were closed. A few times I glanced over at Mike, whose eyes were closed as he very obviously enjoyed the intensity of the sensations that Jenny created for him.

It was Mike who suggested we move to the bedroom. By now, I had got over any nervousness

and was more than happy to follow them upstairs. The bed was large. Jenny, saying very little, directed Mike and me to lie on our backs side by side with a gap between us. My erection had not diminished at all during the trip from the couch downstairs. She tackled my trousers first - pulling them and my briefs to my ankles as my cock sprang to its release. She attend to Mike in a similar way but gave him the additional gift of a kiss on the point where the base of his impresive shaft met his balls.

The second occasion that night on which I almost lost control of the contents of my testicles, was when Jenny knelt on the bed between us and quickly lifted her little black

dress over her head and threw it into th corner. She paused momentarily as my eyes took in her gorgeous slim frame. She wore no bra and I wondered why I hadn't noticed that earlier.

Her perfect brown nipples hardened at the tips of small, milky-white pert breasts. Her tights were beautifully sheer and slightly shiny. She wore no panties and I could see the perfect, neatly trimmed mound of her vulva.

"Two lovely men!" was all she said as she took us both in hand. This time my cock was in her left hand and Mike's in her right. She massaged us both, matching each movement of her right hand with that of her left. She smiled as she enjoyed our reaction to the incredible

pleasure she gave us.

It didn't take very long after that. I came first - I think she wanted me to. As her hand slid upwards from my balls to my cock-head, I felt the first spasm of muscular release, sending a jet of cum in a straight line up over my stomach, reaching my upper chest. I stopped breathing momentarily as two further unstoppable squirts followed the first. Mike was looking over and his orgasm followed immediately - I think seeing mine was the trigger. The first glorious splash of shiny white semen left his pulsating cock and almost reached his chin as he put his head back and groaned loudly. He spurted cum even more than I had and I was impressed with the pool of stickiness that was quickly lying on his chest.

We lay there for a moment, Jenny's hands just resting on our cocks. I knew it wouldn't do to

overstay my welcome. I also knew that Mike and Jenny would have further pleasurable plans for each other that night. Making my way to their bathroom, I thanked them both, perhaps a little awkwardly but I could tell their smiles were genuine. As I left the house a few minutes later I heard a new moan of pleasure from the bedroom.