Written by bigshoes2008

27 Jul 2009

well as all of you know the hospital waiting times can be chronic at the best of times..well i had my appointment for 11.30 but got there a little early on the off chance that i might get out quicker but to no avail i'm afraid but today i didn't mind..

on entering the waiting room all the seats were facing eachother and i noticed thhis very sexy lady sitting down so i decided to sit across from here...little did i know at this stage that her hubby was next to her...

anyways she was wearing a very tight fit blouse with buttons just undone enough to tease and a loose skirt which rode just above the knee when she was sitting down..

i had a newspaper with me but couldn't help myself to take a peak at her legs which looked very smooth and freshly waxed...i love a smooth leg so it got me going and thinking ..

after a few mins i didn't realise that i was staring at her legs and body unaware that she was looking straight back at me..when i looked up she was lookin me in the eye and she just smiled..i was a little embarrassed but hey she smiled so i thought it was all good..

as time went by we were both waiting a long time by now..i kept staring at her and she was just smiling back..she kept uncrossing her legs and crossing them again giving me a little peak at her yummy thighs..and every now and again she'd slid the skirt a bit high abd pull it down again just teasing..i could feel my cock grow in my jeans..

her hubby got up and went away for a few mins and then it seemed as if it was just the 2 of us in the room..she leaned over and slipped a note into my hand..it was her number..she whispered don't text me before 7..i was mad horny by now..we chatted a bit,it was all flirty stuff but really got me going...i had a bulge in my pants now that could be seen by anyone close..she smiled and undid a button in her blouse showing off her very pert breasts..god i was thinking i'd love to be between those...i had to pop to the toilet to fix myself as they say..but once i was just about to head into toliet i saw her come out the witing room door...i opened the door of the toilet taking it very slowly in anticipation of hopefully she'd possibly follow me in maybe ..well she looked and saw me and to my happiness in she came..she said she would not have sex with me now but gave me the best handjob and i came quickly cos of all the flirting and my thinking earlier..she left straight away and returned to her seat...i followed a few mins later and it was as if nothing had happened..she sat next to her hubby again and me across from them reading the newspaper but quiet content..

later that evening i popped her a text and since then whenever we're both free we meet up anywhere we can for lots of unadulterated sex..she's 44 and sexy as hell..i'm 32..it's true what they say about the older the fiddle the sweeter the tune..;)

thats my first real story...hopefully more will follow..