Written by R

3 Feb 2016

My tall brunette girlfriend Sandra and I were away to get some sun in the Canaries for a week.S is 5ft 7, brunette, 36C boobs, nice long skinny legs and just gorgeous to look at. I love the way she dresses and gets everyone's attention where ever she goes.

We are well established in the swinging/ lifestyle. We've done threesomes, MFM, MFF, MFMF and last year she had two guys plus me in the room for some fun. Getting out in the sun made us horny again and were out on the look out for another chance to meet some couples/ have a few guys fuck her.

S loves sex, she is the type that can spend all night and morning fucking and still go on. When we fist dated we would fuck from midnight till 8 am and she still could go for more... It didn't take long to realise that she can handle a few hard cocks to keep her happy. Once we established that we can both fuck other people she would randomly fuck guys she would meet at work or on travel. She once fucked the Sky installer in our own place twice. The time the MMMF happened was when we were in a club with two horny 20 something old guys who just didnt want to stop staring at her... so we took them both back to our hotel room and let them fuck her... on all occasions S is able to keep going and take in the attention of the men. I love to see her get played with and given the attention she needs. It great to have a few people in the room so that she can have all her needs met even if one guy pulls out.

With this in mind we wanted to try and have a few couples in a room for an orgy like scenario. We looked up some swinger parties but they were all dead ends, so we decided to try a "swing friendly club" that was mentioned on a forum S wore her short denim skirt with red thongs, a bikini top and wide neck top that showed her shoulders and gave anyone an eye full if she even leans forward.

We went in and had a few drinks at the bar and made small talk with some locals and tourists. S was already getting plenty of attention from the Spanish and mostly British guys in the room. We saw a few couples and started making conversation. I let S work the room while I was talking to some couples and a few single girl groups that were in the club. She would be stopped by at-least 2 guys every time she went for a drink and one group kept getting her drinks for her.... I edged it on by grabbing her ass from under her skirt when ever she got back to me and kissed her on her neck while looking at the group.

We both made our way to the bar and I made conversation with one of the guys in the group,just a hey... he looked and sounded local but he was English, living there a while with his wife. Both late 30s, good looking couple and the rest of the group was a few guys and girls.. a few drinks later I asked him if this was a swinger place or what.. he said it was and that him and his wife are long term clients, so S and I got chatting with them and went out for a smoke. The two girls were chatty and got along well. Darren and Amy were there names and they were lovely people.. I shared our experience with Darren and he was able to match if not exceed our experience. Amy was a good looking girl, skinny, a few tattoos,average boobs but a nice ass and legs and short brunette hair. Darren has shared her with a few guys and they even had been to some local gang-bang parties where she got to fuck 4-5 different guys on the same night. He said that its mostly single guys a hand full of couples but its usually well organized and safe. This was right up our alley and Sandra was pretty keen to give it a go.

We exchanged numbers and went back in... a good few drinks later, Darren comes up to us to say that Amy and him can rustle up a few people back at there place if we want to come over... so we take a two taxis down the road to a nice residential zone. Darren ,Amy, Sandra and I in one taxi, another couple and two guys in the other. We get to the flat and have a few drinks and get cozy, Darren comes over and holds Sandra by her waste and Amy comes over to me.. we have a beers and I can see Darren hands on Sandra's shoulder and butt.. I carry on with Amy and stoker her hair and give her nice round ass a squeeze while letting my fingers slip in her pussy...

Its about 1am at this stage and we all make our way to the living room... Sandra comes over to me and gives me a snog and walks away with Darren into a bedroom and I continue to hang out wit the other couple and Amy.The other couple were new and were into soft swing/ wanted to watch only ... Amy asks me if I'm ok with this.. and I tell her about how S gets this a lot and how I like it... we mess around the couch as the other couple watches..

Amy and I make our way to the bedroom, Sandra is laying naked on the bed Darren's head between her legs ... She pulls me towards and gives me a kiss... Amy kisses her too and pulls down my jeans and starts sucking my cock... Sandra and I lay on the bed while two relative strangers are giving us head. I watch Sandra bust into an orgasm and go red and moan as Darren licked hard at her pussy, just as she recovers he pulled her to the side of the bed towards a very long and hard cock she moans as he enters her and starts fucking her vigorously ...Amy almost makes me cum in her mouth and gets on top and starts to ride me ... I can see Sandra get pounded deep while Amy rides me hard Amy breaks into an orgasm and Darren keep going harder and harder into My girl.

Amy then goes towards Sandra and licks her to an other orgasm ... I lay there watching Darren then enter Amy from the back and pound her hard... Sandra wants some action from Darren so she puts her ass up gets on all fours and Darren pounds her again ... They fuck away as do Amy and I... Darren gives out a grunt and suddenly blows his cum all over Sandra's tits and belly... Watching another mans cum cover my girl is amazing! I shortly cum and Amy licks me up gladly. He door opens and closes as the rest Peak in to watch us ...

All four of us lay there exhausted, Darren and I get dressed and get a beer and Sandra and Amy lay in bed naked Sandra still with her legs wide open and Amy on her belly giving herself a rub... We go out and the rest of the group give is a little applause ... We get a 4 beers and go back into the room and Amy is going down on Sandra again and Sandra seems to be enjoying it. I give her my semi hard cock and she sucks it back to life ... I get back inside Amy and Darren joins in and gives Amy his Cock to suck on... As we spit roast Amy ,Sandra goes outside wearing only her thong with cum still on her chest and belly... I see her bring in the two guys and drop to the floor and start pulling out both there cocks ... She sucks them both and crawls back towards the bed...They both then took turns pounding her missionary on the floor.... Amy cums a few times with me and Darren fucking her and leaves the room and Sandra is left alone with 4 men around her... She plays the crowd well sucking and fucking each of us ... In the next hour I went in and out of the room watching the three guys fuck Sandra in all different ways and blow loads into her throat or tits...she was glad to keep taking turns on all the cocks in the room ... I join in and fuck her a few times .. Her pussy was soaking wet, her body sweaty and glistening with cum on her tits and face she looked gorgeous even when in such a state... By 4 or 5 in the am the two girls had drained all the cum out the 4 men , and had as many orgasms as they could.... We called it a night and left... I love my slut girlfriend .... This was only day 3 of the holiday!