17 May 2017

My Fiancée Ann and I started fantasising about having MMF threesomes a few years ago. The idea of sharing her is something that has thrilled me for a long time, I introduced it to our playtime and it turned out it is something she is also turned on by. We moved from fantasy to trying it out a few times, it has been really fun. We have played with swinger and escort options but the idea of a genuine pick up has always been the dream. I reality though we know that this would never happen, or so we thought!!

On a recent holiday we were having a drink at our apartment and getting ready to go out on Friday night. As we were dressing I asked Ann would she be a bit flirty with guys that night, just for fun, she enjoys feeling desired and I enjoy the strange mix of excitement and jealousy. She said yeah why not. Ann is a petite lady with an amazing body, slim waist, great ass, DD breasts a pretty face, full lips, striking blue eyes, and long jet black hair, usually she wears tight bodycon dresses to show off her curves but this night she chose a long strapless white cotton dress with no underwear.

We first went for a pre diner drink, she was quite flirty with the Barman and he wasn’t shy in flirting back. We followed on to the restaurant, we had a fantastic meal and she did a great job of flirting with the waiter, she made a point of staring at him when he was serving other tables and I caught him smiling back at her a number of times.

After dinner we went to the area where there were Bars and Music, we choose a bar which seemed busier than the rest, the music was excellent and the people were really friendly. We spent the evening chatting to people we met, dancing and having a good laugh. We were enjoying ourselves and had kind of forgotten about the flirting. We were on the dance floor and decided to find a seat to have a drink and a rest, inside the bar was too full so we went to look on the terrace outside. The only seats available were at a table where two Italian guys, Tony and Dom, that I had been speaking to earlier were sitting. We asked could we sit and they invited us to sit down, so we joined them.

As we chatted I notice Ann giving slightly more attention to Tony, then she turned to me and gave me a sly smile and I knew we were back in the game. He was younger than me, in his early thirties, reasonably handsome, very Italian looking, medium build and quite an easy individual to be around. His English wasn’t amazing but between that and bit of Spanish we got by. I decided I would give her a bit of space to play and keep a watchful eye as I chatted to his friend. She was pulling it off brilliantly and I could see his interest in her was growing, she did all the flirty moves women use, talked to close to his face, kept touching his arm while talking to him and made a point of brushing off him with her body when she went to go to the bathroom. When she was behind him she signalled me to follow her to the bathroom. We chatted for a minute, she asked was I enjoying the show, I told her I was, she asked would I like her to up the game a bit and I said why not?

I returned first and the guys had bought us a round of drinks I accepted and we went back to chatting, Ann then rejoined, again moving to brush off Tony when going to sit. We all chatted in group for a while, then I engaged Dom in conversation about his business, this gave Ann the chance to turn heat back up. I pretended to chat but was deeply engrossed in the other conversation at the table. Ann started to ask Tony about his tattoo’s they were standard enough but she went on that they were really quite brilliant and the best Maori tattoo’s she had seen. This pleased him and he then enquired did she have any tattoo herself. She has a tattoo on her lower back and she asked him would he like to see. He said yes so she stood up and turned facing me with her back Tony, she reached around and pulled down the back of her dress to show him. She was smiling at me as she did this. She had pulled her dress down way farther than necessary and while he was looking at her tattoo he also got to see her naked pert ass right in front of his face, this also pulled her dress down quite a bit at the front. This move turned the temperature right up and I could see the poor guy was getting really aroused. When she sat back down she was making a point of displaying her breasts slightly more as her dress was now a bit lower. Tony now knew that she was naked under that dress and the glint in his eye told me that he was undressing her in his mind. Their conversation turned to how fit she looked, how he was impressed by her shape, and did she work out, which she does a lot. Things were definitely hitting a high point when he said I bet you look amazing in a bikini and she told him she looked even better naked.

Ann made her excuses and left again for the ladies room, Dom was chatting to some other women, I was considering following her when Tony turned to me and told me he thought my wife was really hot, I said thanks and agreed that she was, I also added I think she quite likes you. He told me straight out how lucky I was and he wished he could fuck her, I was about to reply and suggest he could if he liked but before I could speak he asked me straight out would we be up for a threesome. “We go as three - Vamanos a Trés?”, “I’m sure we can! let me ask her when she comes back”. Having no idea things had gotten this far nor of the proposition, Ann returned to the table and sat down. I calmly turned and in front of him said to Ann “Tony wants to know would we like to have a threesome?” She wasn’t expecting it and the look on her face was one of astonishment, she double took me and I nodded to let her know she had not misheard me. Ann then looked at Tony, he smiled at her and asked her “We go as three? – vamanos a trés?” She smiled and turned back to me for my reaction I said “yeah I’m cool what about you?” “fuck it, why not?” she replied.

With this decision made Tony felt more at ease and began touching Ann more openly, we decided to lose this guys friend Dom so we could get back to the apartment and start having some fun. This didn’t take long and soon we were in the car. I sat in the front while Ann got in the back with Tony. Immediately he made a move for her and started kissing her, she responded to this kissing and was definitely into it. I watched in the mirror as his hands traced all over her body, I could hear by her breathing that she was enjoying his caress and after a while I noticed she was rubbing his crotch. Fortunately the drive did not take too long and we were soon at our apartment.

When we got in Tony sat down on a chair and pulled Ann in front of him, I stood behind her and started to kiss her neck and feel her breasts, Tony lifted her dress and began to kiss her pretty Vagina. It was incredibly hot and we were all going to explode too soon so we decided to slow things down a bit. Tony had been working that evening and asked could he take a shower. While we were on our own Ann asked was I cool with everything and I told her I was, I asked and she said she was too. I told her I was going to pop out for a quick cigarette while Tony was in the shower and I’d be back in a minute. When I came back inside there was no sign of Ann, I checked was she changing in the bedroom but no so I headed to the bathroom, I slightly pushed the door and in the mirror I could see Tony standing by the shower holding open the towel that had been around his waist and Ann on her knees, she was holding his thick penis in her hand slowly stroking it as she licked his balls. I instantly felt blood run to my penis and a mix of jealousy and arousal hit me in my gut. Getting my breath back, I watched and could see she was giving him a really good going over. Ann ran her tongue up the length of his penis a few times before putting his swollen tip into her mouth, I could see that he had noticed me in the mirror but I waited and watched a bit longer. It was really turning me on that she was getting this guy off while I watched from another room. Ann can really suck and Tony was about to cum so she rested for a sec to prevent him from blowing too soon. I was standing outside stroking myself and decided to come in and join them. She turned to me and began to suck me off as well. I let her for a bit then I reached down, stood her up and we all headed to the bedroom. I stripped, then dropped her dress to the floor and gave Tony his first look at her amazing little body, he was more than pleased with what he saw. We all got on the bed, Ann lay back, we both took turns kissing her on the mouth, we then moved to her breasts where I stayed while Tony kept on going until he got to her sweet vagina, she was in throws of ecstasy being licked and caressed by two men. I went down and joined Tony taking turns to lick her beautiful vagina and tease her with our fingers. She was soaked in cum and writhing around on the bed.

I kneeled up, got Ann up on all fours, went behind and easing myself into her while Tony kneeled in front of her, she rolled his balls in her fingers and sucked on his penis, I was so turned on I had to pull back as I was too close and was going to cum. We swapped places and Tony took his turn behind her, his penis was a different shape too mine and curved up at the end, this was obviously to Ann’s liking and it wasn’t long before I could tell she was close to orgasm, watching her push back and him driving into her was at last too much for me, I couldn’t hold on any longer and finally I came in her mouth. I know Ann loves the taste of cum and this put her over the edge, she had a shuddering orgasm that left her collapsed on the bed.

Once she recovered and with me spent she turned her attention to Tony, we often fantasise about me watching her fuck, now was the perfect opportunity. I got off the bed and went and pulled up a chair. They lay side by side pressing their bodies together, kissing and touching each other all over, Tony place a hand on Ann’s shoulder and rolled her onto her back, he raised himself over her and started to rub the tip of his penis along her lips and over her clit, then he slowly lowered himself down and penetrated his way into her waiting body, he thrust all the way in and stopped while her body adjusted to his large size, he slowly slid in and out and I could see that my beautiful fiancée was watching me as I watched this man pleasure her with his penis. She reached down and started to rub her clit, turning her attention between the man having sex with her and me watching. I know she finds it hard to cum with another man but as she stimulated herself with her fingers while he slid in and out of her I soon saw she was going to climax. First the moaning, the wriggling of her hips, then she started thrusting back at Tony. Her body at last started to convulse as she went into orgasm. Tony knew well enough what to do and slowed things right down while her climax passed.

Having rested for a short while, Ann pushed Tony off and rolled him onto his back, she kissed him then put her gorgeous breasts in his mouth. She straddled over him, reached down and guided his bulging erection into her. Bit by bit she eased him in, he was very full and it was as much as she could fit. She slowly rode up and down leaning in occasionally to rub her breasts on his body and kiss him on the mouth, after not very long it was obvious he was on the edge of blowing, Ann adjusted her movements to keep him as long as she could. His body tightened up as she pushed down harder and harder until his entire length was buried deep inside her. With his shaft now fully in her he tensed up, held her torso to balance her, thrust his hips forward lifting her off the bed and gave a huge groan as he came deep inside her. It was incredible to watch my fiancée in this action, my mind was blown. After giving Tony a bit of time to calm down Ann lifted herself off him, his penis slid out, glistening in sexual satisfaction.

We all lay for a short while to recover from the night’s fun and games, we had a quick night cap and cigarette then Tony very politely made his leave. It was a truly amazing experience and we regularly revisited it in our bedroom fantasizing. We are looking forward to our next foreign adventure. Watch this space.