Written by TKMax

8 May 2017

Sara and I were abroad on a sun holiday, just chill out time , Sara spent most of her days sunbathing by the pool. Two young lads of about 19 or 20 were always there and were very taken with Sara, she is more into older men but she was enjoying the attention and flirted with them constantly, teasing them generally and winding them up saying they wouldn't be fit to satisfy her. They were saying how lucky I was and they would love to have an older woman to teach them. After a few days it had reached a point where we were all comfortable having the craic. Sara can down to the pool wearing a tiny white bikini, her nipples were visible and as she lay out on the lounger her pussy lips were outlined through the thin material. The lads couldn't take their eyes off her, and Sara was loving it, I sensed something might happen, then I noticed Sara's bottoms were damp, and she said to the lads " now look what you did, I'll have to go and sort myself out ",

She smiled at me and left.

I was joking with the lads and said we should go up and help her, so off we went. In the room Sara was lying on the bed topless, she was stroking her pussy over the material of her bikini. The two lads were speechless staring at her, I said we better get those wet clothes off you, so I removed her bikini and she spread her legs, her wet pussy open and ready and on display for the two young lads. All they had on were shorts and it was obvious they were aroused. P was a tall black lad , well built and glistening with sweat. His friend was shorter, of Asian decent and he too was sporting a boner. I was fingering Sara and I said to the lads she's going to need more than this. Sara got off the bed and knelt in front of P, " let's see what you got " she said and pulled down his shorts. A big black cock, fully hard slapped her face, she looks up at him as she started sucking on it. He put his hands on her head to steady himself as she sucked his big cock. He was moaning and Sara stopped, afraid he would come, "I want it in me " she told him. She lay back on the bed and spread her legs, she pulled his cock and guided it to the opening of her cunt. He pushed and slid in easily, it was happening so quickly and not much was being said, it was hot and sticky and the tension was electric. P was obviously very inexperienced, he was pumping her cunt but seemed awkward, but what he lacked in experience he made up for with enthusiasm. He was dripping sweat all over my wife as he fucked her pussy, Sara was shouting "fuck me, give it to me, fill me up ". She grabbed his arse and pulled him in deeper, he gave one last thrust and emptied his load in her cunt. He got off her and Sara jumped out and started on D, she started sucking his cock, much smaller but Sara was horney and wanted more. She got on the bed again and he wasted no time mounting her. He was a little better and had a good rhythm as he pumped her cunt, but after a short time he started saying he was cuming, and when his buttocks clenched I knew he was cuming in her cunt. After he pulled out, Sara got on her all fours and stuck her arse my way, I dropped my shorts and plunged my cock in to her cunt as it dripped sperm from it. The two lads dressed and watched as I fucked my wife in front of them, I held her hips as I fucked her hard, before emptying my load in her too. The lads and I went back down while Sara showered. Later that evening Sara and P went missing, I went up to the room to be greeted by Sara lying on P sucking his cock with her cunt grinding on his face, she spent the night being eaten by him and being fucked in various positions, he certainly learned a lot more that night.