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Roy16 3 years ago

Holiday Fling

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Hi all, My wife and I are a regular couple, mid forties, normal hectic lives with kids and college etc. We hadn't a decent holiday for a few years due to my hectic work commitments and the past 12 months being particularly stressful for us both. We just booked a week in the sun in mid June and went late July. Our general sex life is good but had been sparse of late as we were both tired and stressed. The first few days we spent relaxing by the pool in the mornings and exploring the area for good food and drinks in the evening. After about 3 days we were both really relaxed and that night she began to fondle my cock in bed and soon went down and sucked me. She doesn't normally instigate sex but clearly was horny. I was amazed and spoke to her about it next morning and she leaned into me clearly aroused and said she felt very sexy. We went by the pool again and she was in a really nice bikini and she touched my hand and leant over and said there is a guy in pool looking at me. We spoke about him and I watched as he clearly enjoyed the view. Later that night she fondled my cock and sucked me again. This was out of character for her but she said it was because she was relaxed. Later I was feeling very horny and started to caress her and she was very easily aroused. I asked if the guy at pool looking at her made her hot. She said yes and it my ear and whispered 'but there is another paying me attention who is really hot'. Now She is a good looking woman with a nice figure and very impressive 34dd tits and does look very sexy. Next morning at pool she showed me the other guy who was mid 20's French who was with a group of friends. I teased her to flirt and she didn't need to be asked twice. She sat up rubbing sun cream on her chest and popped out her tits briefly as I watched the guy(and his mates) watch her. They were talking to on another and looking in her direction. She clear enjoyed the attention. She made him aware he was notice by returning the glances and flicking her hair etc. This went on all day and made us both very horny. That evening again very out of character she suggested she was going out with no knickers on. We did and she loved the attention she was getting and we had great sex again that night. I was teasing her about this guy and was very aroused by it. Second last morning. She couldn't wait to get to the pool. The guys were all there, 5 or 6 of them. This time they had sun loungers just behind ours so they walked by us regularly clearly looking at her. She was very aroused by this and the one guy in particular and I continued to tease her. She was openly flirting with him now, stood fixing her hair back pushing her tits out for him. She even offered to rub oil on my back and provocatively massage me whilst she was looking his way. Then her main interest was in the pool just in front of our loungers. She asked me to go into to pool and watch as she flirted. I did and watched as she applied oil and caressed her tits, glancing at her admirer on occasion. He was clearly engaged. Then to my surprise she lay back and opened her legs. She dropped her hand down to her bikini bottoms and lifted the crouch area to one side as if fixing them but exposing her vagina in doing so. This again is all way out of character for her. That evening she wore a pretty little light glory dress with no knickers going out. We were going home next morning and as we came to the lobby the guys were all sitting by the bar entrance. I whispered if she wanted to walk by him, (they had ever spoken). She looked me me and kissed me stroked my coc and walked away glancing back sexily at me. I sat down and watched. She went over near to them and he looked up at her. He got up and they touched hands as she passed. He turned to follow her into the bar. He spoke to her and took her hand and they went to his room. She turned after about 45 mins and told me how he fucked her on his bed. She was clearly elated and we had sex as she told me. Since we've returned we've had sex every day and when I mention him she goes wild. It is amazing what a holiday can do as she has been transformed and is the fist time she had openly had another guy with me.

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