5 Aug 2020

Driving to a conference the norm music on my chill driving attire for long joureys .ie T shirt and shorts ,I pulled into the service station for fuel and refreshments,

Moving along I noticed a female hitchhiker with a placard with my destination written on it.

Will I .wont I.. I thought it will break the journey.

I pulled in and spoke to her for a couple of minutes. My mind made up. Jump in u have a lift .

No sexuall talk during the journey the norm. Ur line of work. Music. Football. And herfalling asleep .

Finally we reached the destination .

I woke her up .really were here all ready .

Thank u so much for the lift . Your welcome I I reply. Out of the blue I revieved a kiss with a smile ,i didint refuse. In fact i said now my turn .with a compliment sexy ass.

I mentioned I would be in a certain bar for a early drink ,stating a early one due to prep work for the conference .

Whom arrived in looking different. Ripped jeans and hot top. Fancy meeting u here well I at least have to buy a drink for the lift

Deep kisses followed ,back to her friends house for a mind blowing time

Full on oral to squirt ,my fantasy. Doggy deep into her and drained myself

Wow the hours ticked by .I said I must leave. However with a glint in her eye Really ..u have time for some more ,fuck my ass.she begged .

As I glided into her the moans of pleasure were pleasurable .go deeper she cried

I pushed as far I could bursting to cum I could not hold on ,I trembling with cum

Filled her ass

Needless to say the conference was a blur, but my might of passion will live with me for a long time .