Written by zebedee2013

25 Feb 2014

We'd talked about a threesome and after some time on this site, she / we found a guy to join us. Her criteria was 'well endowed' and she selected him after a few exchanges. We met in a hotel bar and she was happy for him to join us. we went to our room and he went to have a shower. he emerged with a towel around him as my wife sat on the side of the bed naked, sucking my cock. he stood next to me and she pulled the towel of, smiling a big grin as she saw his very big thick cock. it wasn't fully hard and it was already big! she took him in one hand and me in the other, alternating between the two with her mouth. she then pushed me away... I was to watch. after sucking him for a while, she took a few seconds to look at his cock. It was very big, not just ling, but really thivk too... massive compared to my average 6 inches... she moved across the bed, laid back and spread her legs wide to reveal her 'waxed that day' wet pussy. he crouched and began to lick her... 'no.... stick it in' she said. he chuckled as he climbed on top and slid into her. her head rolled back and she let out a guttural moan of pleasure 'oh my god yes'... she then lifted her knees up to her chest and took him as far up her as she could. After he got into his stride she was moaning and moaning with pleasure. He then stopped and withdrew... 'turn over'.. she took the doggy position and he moved up to her... he then slowly pushed himself right up into her ass, My wife didn't do anal! and there she was, I could see the grimace on her face, but she didn't protest, she let him fuck her little arse until he'd had enough. he then entered her doggy style as they moved around the bed so she could put one hand against the bedhead. her head was being pushed into it as she got well and truly fucked hard and fast. she was yelping with pleasure and loved it. I'm gonna cum he said..... 'yes please' she said quietly and submissively. I watched as he pushed her hard and squirted into my wifes now stretched pussy. I was now leaking with pre-cum ... they then laid on their backs exhausted and she smiled a big grin at me.... 'god I needed that' she said.. he smiled. then she held up her arms for me to come over... as I got close she told me 'now lick me out'... I went down on her and after a short while she told me to lay down. as I ladi down next to mr fuckin supersize, she sat on my face and squeezed all the flid she cold into my mouth. I could taste his cum as well as her juices.. 'That's what you wanted to swallow isn't it' she said, referring to my fantasy of some bi action. 'now suck his cock and make him hard for me '... I turned around as he smiled... 'this is my lucky night' he said as I put his cock in my mouth and sucked and licked another mans cock that had just fucked my wife. As he got hard, she joined me and together we licked and sucked his cock. Now you're gonna find out what it's like to be fucked she said to me.. Little did I know but during their flirtings prior to the meet, she checked out that he was actually bi. I took the doggy position and he pushed his huge cock into me. he held my hips and buggered me hard. it hurt like hell but I loved it. he then stopped and my wife turned on her side.... he entered her from behind and I licked her clit and his cock as he fucked my wife again. when he came... she made me lick her out again. we were exhausted. he got dressed and left...'anytime' he said as he parted. we both laid there on the bed, sore and truly fucked. we smiled and both fell asleep....