Written by S&R

1 Mar 2017

My sexy girlfriend had a thing for getting fucked hard. She was a real stunner , tall with nice legs and tits and dark hair and a very open mind to sex.

We were heavy into sex toys,she had a collection of sex toys and handcuff and the lot very soon . We had good fun with them and I often watched her fuck herself with a toy while I wanked off to her. She even made it a point to suck me off with a big vibrator stuck inside her.

One night I had a two mates over for a few drinks before going out .She was in a pair of shorts and a string top and the two lads were really enjoying her nice legs and ass.

The plan was to go out for drinks but we ended up opening a few more packs of beer and bottle of gin and all got pretty wild very quickly. One thing leads to another and I joked about her sex toy collection in the drawer ..She was pissed off at first but forgot all about it.

A while later one of the lads went and took the bag out of our room and started messing with them, she found it hilarious and didn't seem to mind the guys messing with them. One of the lads took out a vibrator and asked if she'd show us how to use it and she started to pretend to suck it. We all watched speechless as she gave the plastic dick a stunning blowjob.

A while later they asked if she'd give us another demo - this was very bold of her but she opened up her legs pulled her shorts aside , and started shoving it into her pussy. The lads and I had our dicks in our hands at this stage and watched her nice show.

The whole bag was opened up then and she played with every single one. Finally she threw the roll of condoms at me and layed back on the couch.

We all put one on and fucked her brains out. She was in heaven that night. Between the three of us and the vibrators she must have cum 50 times. In the end the two lads and I had jizzed out all our juice and she was a very happy girl.