Written by Zac

12 Jun 2017

Recently I answered an ad from an elderly couple that like to include others in their sex life. I'm 27 and Tom is 67 and his wife is 63, he's heavy set with grey hair, Maureen is a slim tall woman, long grey hair with large tits that hang low, she keeps her bush nicely trimmed. After a drink at the bar we went to the room, it was quite obvious that this was Toms thing, he was was asking me what I was going to do to his wife and so on. In the room he immediately stripped Maureen naked and handed her to me, "enjoy yourself young fella " he said. Maureen helped me to strip naked. I held her close to me and kissed her, my hard cock pressed against her warm body. I pushed her back on the bed and started to caress her body, sucking her tits and fingering her cunt. I went down on her and licked her cunt, it was so wet, I fingered it as I devoured her juices. Tom was standing beside me with his cock out, he was pumping it as he watched, he then told Maureen " suck the young lads cock and get it ready for riding ". Maureen was a great cock sucker, she was playing with my balls and stroking me as she did so, Tom was urging her on "that's it pet, suck that young cock", then he ordered Maureen,"right pet, on your back ", then "right lad, give it to her, fuck my wife, she loves young cock". I got on top of her and eased my cock into her cunt, it was nice and tight. Tom was wanking all the time, he asked me " do you like riding my wife?, tell me ", I was fucking her hard by now " oh yeah Tom, she's tight, you're a lucky man, she's a great ride ". Tom was pleased and told Maureen to get on all fours, again I mounted her and pumped her for all I was worth, her tits were thrashing about under her, she was moaning and he was telling her " the the young fella pet". Maureen was shouting "good lad, fuck me hard, give it to me, I love young cock". I was so horney and so turned on by their talk that I could feel myself getting close. I told Tom I was ready and where would I cum, " inside her lad, give it to her and tell me when ". I was riding her hard, she was roaring, I could feel my balls tighten and I pushed my cock right up her cunt, I could feel my cum pumping into her, " I'm coming Tom, I'm coming inside your wife, she's a great ride, I love fucking your wife ", I emptied my balls inside her and pulled out, her cunt was open, all puffed up and red and my cum trickling out, immediately Tom stuck his cock up her and after a few strokes he grunted "here you are pet" and came inside her too. It was a great night and I hope to be back again and next time I won't need to be prompted, I'll give them a time to remember.