Written by Aust

12 Feb 2013

Helen,a late 30s girl , tall , blonde and very attractive, dropped in unexpectedly the other evening on the pretext of looking for my wife, who was out at her parents house.

She and I had a cup of coffer and I noticed she was upset,

When I enquirer, I was told that Frank her husband had told her some days earlier that he was leaving.

She poured her heart out and went on to tell me that they had not had sex in over two years.

I gave her a shoulder to cry on , held her hand ,and she started to kiss me full on.

She noticed the bulge in my pants and without further encouragement ran her hand over the outside of my huge manhood, before lowering the zip of my jeans and taking me full on into her mouth.

After some mutual fondling !i placed her outreached on the kitchen table and pushed her panties to one side..

I was inside her in a flash and pumped her pussy hard and fast for all I was worth .

She came immediately, gushing all over my table and I shot my load up her very wet cunt .

We lay in each other arms for a while, exhausted .

Helen then refixed her clothes , kissed me again , said thanks as it was what she needed and promised to do a repeat.

I hoped she returns soon.