Written by panda4fun

15 Feb 2011

Just back from an amazing weekend in Madrid and had to share the adventure with you guys. Myself and Mr. Panda had been fantasising about fucking other couples for a long time but never really thought it would happen. Before we went to Madrid we came across a swingers club on the internet and we teased that maybe we would drop into it when we were there for the weekend.

On the second night of our stay we were both feeling really hot and horny. I put my sexiest underwear on and short black dress and Mr Panda looked so hot in his crisp white shirt and dark suit we were a very sexy looking couple. I put some condoms in my bag "just in case".

We headed into a couple of bars in Madrid and teased each other about visiting the swingers bar. Out of no where I called a taxi and before we knew it we were heading to the swingers bar. I had major butterfly's in my stomach and so did Mr. Panda we decided we'd stop off first and have a drink in the small bar beside it we laughed at the thought of what we were about to do and kept saying we'd just go in and have a look.

So off we went and this is where it all began;

The sexy spanish guy at the front door asked us if we knew the atmosphere of the club and we told him yes so he offered to give us a tour. I felt so nervous and excited and not knowing what to expect. I held my husbands hand and entered the unknown. There was a lovely little bar on entry with some disco music some people were wearing nothing but white towels others were fully dressed but most of them were attractive. We were then brought into a darkly lit area there were naked bodies everywhere I couldn't make out who was with who, there were walls with holes in them where couples were playing with each other I felt so horney watching them all fuck it was mind blowing. Upstairs there was a massive jacuzzi full of men and women having loads of dirty fun WOW.

The spanish guy left us alone and we headed to the disco bar to have a drink for some courage and try and take it all in. To be honest I couldn't wait to take my clothes off. We looked all the couples in the bar and teased at which ones we wanted to fuck. We went to the lockers and striped naked the butterflys were going mad in my stomach and I felt wet and horny. With the white towels around us we headed for the jacuzzi. Mr Panda commented on how sexy I looked and to be honest I felt like a hot porn star. When we got to the jacuzzi there was one spanish guy in it he was very attractive built well and had lovely blonde curls. Mr and Mrs Panda stepped in. I played with my man for a while before feeling someone elses foot tease my vagina I laughed and felt quite nervous. Slowly I backed up towards the other guy my husband beginning to play with himself. I turned to the other guy and began kissing him He fingered me and sucked on my nipples I could feel his large cock rubbing off my vagina. When I looked at my husband a sexy lady was on top of him he was fondling her tits and seemed to be having a good time.

We moved on then to join in on some couple fun there were lots of couples fucking each other and the noises alone was making me feel so wet and horney. We lay beside two couples myself and my husband began having full on sex before I knew it another man had joined in on fingering me and pulling at my tits I put his black cock in my mouth and started to suck on it hard. My husband watched and began fucking me at the same time I could feel lots of men watch me. I'm blonde and I think it was a novelty for some of the spanish guys they all wanted to have a go.

There was one couple in particular who had been watching us from the time we came in. She was fit and so was he. She had a great body and lovely boobs. He was really big and had long black hair. Myself and my husband went into a small dark room there was a gang bang going on in this room so we moved to the side and just watched it was so horny to see the men fucking the girls so hard and they shouted "Si Si". My husband was bulging he was so horny. As he licked my fanny I noticed the other couple had come over beside us. I began to stradle my husband when the girl touched me and indicated that she would take over. I didn't know how I felt or what to do next. As I watched her climb onto my sexy man she began to fuck him. I looked at her partner and went down on my knees I put his smooth shaven balls in my mouth he moaned so I began to suck on his cock it was so hard and I was so wet. I could see the spanish girl pull at her tits while fucking Mr. Panda. I got on top of the guy and felt his hard cock right inside me it felt so good and I knew he would come very quickly. His black hair smelt so good and he pulled at my tits and bit on my nipples. I caught Mr. Panda's eye and we both watched as we fucked the other couple.

When I knew I was going to come I went back to Mr Panda and fucked him for only seconds as he came inside my wet soaking pussy.

It was a mind blowing experience and we will defintely be going back some time soon.