Written by WildWife

10 Mar 2016

For as long as we've been married myself and Husband have always been aroused by the idea of me fucking another man. We have fantasised about close neighbours and complete strangers but of late we have been focussing on our neighbour James. Lets just say James has made me orgasm more times in the last month than anyone else ever has. What my husband doesnt know is that myself and James have been fucking eachother for 3 weeks. It all started when I asked him to help fix something in the house one day, he gave me his number and we started messaging eachother. Three weeks ago we spent the night together in his friends house in Laois. We both pretended to go be going out with friends. I was so excited that night. I remember being so eager to please him. I wore a very open blouse and tight trousers. When we got to the house we took a tour before finishing in a bedroom. He grabbed me close and said hes been dying to hold me all day. I whispered "I dont want to be held, I need to be yours". James kissed me passionately, my hand forced itself into his boxers. Im still in awe when I think of the size of his cock. I dropped to my knees and began to please him, he was growing harder in my mouth, his hands running through my hair. He stripped me so quickly that I didnt have time to think. Here I was with the man I desire, about to get the fuck of my life. James lay me down on the bed, his well sucked cock throbbing between my legs. When he entered my pussy I screamed so loud he laughed, "something wrong?" He cheekily asked,"no,its just your huge". That made him cocky and he started fucking me to a great rhythm. When I say I screamed his name, its an understatement. After making me come twice he took me up and brought me out to sitting,"theres a match on, you can fuck me while I watch it". He sat on the couch with the game on while I climbed on top of him and rode him gently. His cock just got harder and still no sign of him cumming. He sucked my tits and slapped my arse casually as he watched the game and told me he was going to bring me back to bed for some anal soon. James made me animalistic, I was his and he knew it. All of a sudden he said "climb off me, Im going to come on you". I jumped right of him and knew exactly that he wanted my list around that cock. He spurted his cum right down my throat and for some reason we both laughed. We spent the rest of the night in bed occasionally fucking eschother. By the time I got home my body was sore, my tighs, my lips, my pussy. His name isnt James but its certainly close, he knows who he is and I now know how great he is. We'll be using that house in Laois more often.