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Pistolpete 4 years ago

Happy Days

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This is a true story and it happened to me some weeks ago where I live. I am 6’2” Tall, well built and in good shape for my 50years. My neighbor is fairly old and needs assistance from his friend, whom we will call Viv, who is in her 50’s and is nice and slim and a great figure. Paul my neighbor travels the world for his work and Viv comes in and cleans his house while he is away. One night she arrived late and knocked into me for some milk as she wanted a cup of tea and Paul was away for a few days and had no fresh milk in the house. She looked great and I immediately flirted with her and there was some chemistry between us. I left her to it as she cleaned Paul’s house and carried on with my own business of working out in my gym in the spare bedroom. I was dressed in tight shorts and a tee-shirt and working up a sweat. The doorbell rings again and it is Viv returning the milk carton to me and looks impressed with my body as she looks me up and down. I see she has a wedding ring so I forget any chance of flirting more with her. I chat more with her and she tells me she will be down the weekend to finish off the house cleaning and I give her my mobile number so I will know when she is coming so I will have milk for her. A few days later I get a text from her to say she will be down later and I tell her I will have some milk and biscuits for her when she arrives. We flirted on the phone over a few days and send saucy messages to eachother and it was nice. Then she sends me a message of herself in a sexy top and asks my opinion. I replied “Wow u look amazing” as I could see the shape of her boobs as she had no bra under her top. I told her I was impressed and would love to see more, chancing my arm. She sent me a more revealing photo of her boobs and she had fab nipples, which were hard and very erect. She asked me for a photo so I sent her one of now erect cock in my underwear, which is over 8” and thick. She said it looked great and she never had a big cock like that before and said her hubby was only a 5” skinny cock and that is all the cock she ever had. I told her by text that it would bring her great pleasure if she liked to try it. She said she would “think about it” as she never cheated on her hubby before. Saturday Night she arrives and I didn’t hear her car as I was having a shower after another workout in my gym. She sent me a text to ask me for milk and could I drop into her next door. I arrived at Paul’s door and she shouted that it was open so I walked in and she said would I lock it. She was in Paul’s bedroom waiting by the bed in some sort of Kimono and closing the windows and curtains. I looked at her and she was looking very sexy and I closed the bedroom door, walked over to her as she turned around, took her in my arms and kissed her like I had never kissed a woman before. I was seriously horny for this older woman and she knew it. She had no bra under her kimono and I could see her bare chest and my hands went to her tits and I felt them and they were awesome, not too big but a handful and slightly drooping and pert nipples. We kissed for ages as my hands explored her body and she had a great ass and firm thighs. I was going to devour this woman tonight and make her scream in ecstasy. She put her hand on my crotch and felt my throbbing cock and wanked it for a minute or so. I took off her Kimono and ravaged her tits and bit, sucked and licked her hard nipples and she moaned and kept stroking my cock. I slid my hand over her ass and then between her thighs and stroked her pussy over her sexy black panties. I slipped my hand inside her panties and found her neatly trimmed pussy and she was soaking. I pulled off her panties and lay her on the bed with her legs open and went down on her pussy as my hands mauled her tits and squeezed her nipples and she moaned again. I ate her pussy till she came and she was on fire. Then I rolled onto my back and she got on top of me and kissed my body all over and I guided her head to my cock and she took off my underpants and was in awe of my cock and I told her to kiss it first and then lick it and then she lowered her head over my cock and took me into her mouth and started to suck me. I pressed her head down until she gagged and released her head and she licked my balls and my cock again and said she loved my cock and it was so big. I pulled her up to my face, we kissed again and she got on top of me and I asked her did she want me inside her and she said “Yes Please” and I let her guide my cock into her tight pussy and she moaned and moaned as I slowly went deep inside her and she rode my cock slowly to get use to it. I grabbed her very fuckable ass and held it in my hands as she gently rode me. We kissed more and I could feel her animalistic passion come out as she get more into fucking me and talking dirty like “your cock is so big in my tight pussy” and as she got more passionate I explored her ass with my finger taking her juices to lubricate her anus. She liked it and started biting my shoulder and my nipples and I slapped her ass to bring out more passion. I rolled her onto her back, got a pillow and placed it under her ass, and lifted her ankles to my shoulders, looked deep into her eyes and slammed my cock into her and she let out a scream in ecstasy, not pain. This motivated me to fuck her hard and devour her nipples as I thrust deeper inside her and she was moaning so loudly. I eventually exploded inside her and she followed me a few seconds later with her stroking her pussy and my cock still inside her. We rested for a while, she lay in my arms and ran her hand over my hairy chest and played with my nipples. We chatted and she told me she lost her virginity to her husband on their wedding night and had 4 children and they had emigrated to Canada and Australia and were doing great. Her husband is a workaholic and she is lonely and helps out Paul as they use to live beside eachother in the countryside. She told me she never sucked her husband’s cock and would I teach her how to do it as she loved sucking mine. I lay back on the bed and she listened to me as I instructed her and she had me hard in a few minutes again. Now I was horny again and so I asked her what her favourite position was and she said doggy-style and so I pulled her up to me, kissed her again as she was an excellent kisser and turned her onto her hands and knees and knelt behind her and slowly slipped my cock into her pussy and grabbed her tits which I adore and started to fuck her and she moaned again and I was loving it. I pumped her hard and then told to her lay face down, flat on the bed, pillow again under her tummy and I lay on top of her and started to do press ups while fucking her and she went into a frenzy and her body was on fire and I thrust deep inside her and took out my cock and in again and this this for ages. Then I stopped before she came and gently ran the head of my cock over her wet anus and teased it for ages and she was waiting for me to enter her ass, but I teased her. I licked her pussy and started to finger her ass so at first and then slipped my middle finger into ass as I licked her clit. She responded to my finger by wiggling her ass and then I slipped in another finger and gently finger fucked her ass. I spat on her anus, lubricated it well and slow entered it until I felt the pop and then pushed it slowly into her until she was use to it and then slowly fucked her and she was loving it. I loved her rounded ass and I was going to fuck it till I came but she came first with the help of her fingers on her pussy again. I exploded inside her ass in a few minutes and she told me to leave it there so she could feel my cock getting smaller. I then took her for a shower, I washed her body, paying great attention to her tits and she mine and we dried eachother’s bodies and kissed. I got dressed and went next door to rest and she headed home to her husband with a huge smile on her face and a very wide anus. She called down again the Wednesday Night and this time I took her to my bed, and made passionate love to her for ages and she and I have become a secret item and she adores my cock in her mouth, pussy and ass. She is getting sexy lingerie to wear for me for Christmas and I will video our session and then play it back to her some night and see what her reaction will be to it. Happy Days (and Nights)

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