Written by roy16

20 Mar 2013

Continuing from my earlier story my wife interest in improving her already hot body in the gym has increased. She is clearly enjoying the experience and has now found out when her horny gym guy is on and her regime is clearly changed to coincide with this. She keeps me informed which I'm OK with.

They have got talking and he is up for more one to one with her and has also indicated that he's happy for me to watch. I'm away at work quite a bit so she could be getting more of his cock than I realise but we did arrange to meet last weekend. This clearly excited my wife as she spent to hole day geting ready for him. She woke earlier than normal and proceeded to stroke my cock until hard and gave me an amazin blow job in bed. We spoke about her gym buddy and he claerly gets her juices flowing. She went off and got her hair done, make up and bought a new outfit, which was hotter than her normal attire. Tight black leggings with a sexy white silky top which showed her great 34dd tits off, without looking too slutty. We palnned to meet in a bar for a drink and then go back to his flat. We meet as normal and he wasa really relaxed even thoguh he did admit to not doing this before. He is a lot younger than us at 24 and has a really fit body and is quite good looking with a rugged streak.

We spoke for a while and drank and the connection between the two was obvious. they acted like they really knew one another for a while which compounded my suspicicion that their cock and pussy has been more acquainted than she was telling me. There was a lot of suttle touching and she had a sparkle in her eye. He was doing it for her.

She suggested to him whilst giving him a seducive kissed just to the left of his mouth but catching his lips that we should go back to his. He didn't hesitate and I drive while they both got in the back. I had to interupt the fondling while I asked where to go. It was only a 5 min drive but she had him nearly undressed by the time we got there. We went inside and poured some dirnks. He asked if I was OK with this to which I replied she claerly wants you. She grabbed his hand and made it touch her tits. He knocked back hi drink and got to work on her. He undressed her roughly but not in an over excessive way. I stood back and watched which was making me really hard. She was in heven and when she exposed his large cock it made me even more horny. I asked if I could get involved and she said of course babe. I got undressed and went over to caress her but she was so into him I don't think she even noticed. Although he did have a good look at my cock whcih was right up agaisnt him. He was no fingering her and she was cumin relentlessly but he was in total control. He gently lowered his other hand onto me and caressed me. He was clearly bi and seemed to like my cock as much as her. I proceeded to suck hit nipples as he licked her out. She then pushed me away and beged her to enter her. She gave away her sectret in her throws of passion. She said gave it to me like you did in the gym toilet as they had dodne oit a few more times than I had been told. He eneter her and she gasped as she accepted him whole and hard deep inside her. She came at once and her finger nails clenched his very toned bum cheeks. He proceeded to girate in and out of her and she came several times in a rage of passion until she could take no more. He slipped out of her claerly with more to give. She lay exhausted and he turned to me. We never spoke before me going down on his very impresive cock. I was so impressed with how much he took out of my wife I just had to relief him. My hot lips around his cock only took a few slow strokes bofore the relaese of very hot cum was dripping from my mouth. He clearly enjoyed both experineces and asked if we could do it again. My wife was still lying spread on the bed and she rose to kiss him passionatly. She said see you on Tueadys babe and he left. I asked what she tought of him and she proceeded to push me onto the bed and climb on top. With him clearly still in mind she rode me like never before. I came after a short time and I asked her if that ride was what she thought of him. She said it was him I was ride babe. His cock is amazin and you seem to like it to, didn't you she said. You want more of him don't you I asked and she kissed me and said I'll tease him on the excerise bike next day in the gym and he'll want me.

More to follow!!!!!!!!!!!