Written by TITAN79

29 Jul 2009

Gone fishing.

we'd met before, almost 12 months to the day to be honest, I knew her from the UK sister site to this one and she was someone I'd met with before when I was on the scene in England. Unfortunately all our meetings had been social as she was with a guy that only let her play with ladies, and anything before this had been mere flirting. Imagine my joy and surprise when I logged into my account and seen a email from an Unknown female account, opening the header I Was pleasantly surprised to see it was Lorraine, she'd apparently left the other old git and was now with a guy but still liked her fun on the side. After the brief catch up text I read on to see she was coming to Ireland on Holidays, and she reckoned when here why not get in touch.

The Plans were made, He her unassuming fella was going to some river fishing with an old Irish mate of his and she not the outdoorsy type had opted out to meet me for some fun with the alibi that all women use and which works on most men' Oh I think I might go shopping' Being the 'Man kryptonite' it is it worked a charm, so the scene was set.

Thankfully My Job gives me very flexible lunch hours and carefully having arranged My time to coincide with the town they were staying in I made my way to her hotel, the Thrill of finally getting to have some fun with this gorgeous lady and the added naughtiness of doing it on the 'QT' Had me trying to hide a quiet noticeable bulge in my trousers, luckily her telling me the discreet route into the hotel via the gym helped as I met no one on my way to the room.

I guess describing Lorraine at this stage might help a bit, well. Firstly she is almost 20 years older than me, but at 49 my god she is well preserved, think Helen Mirren's younger sister and you have a good Idea of what I am on about, add a cheeky devilish smile, lovely full lips and the most piercing green eyes standing about 5'3 with amazing legs from all the cycling she does, and you have an idea of the recipe of perfection Lorraine is.

Making my way in the door I finally got to kiss her , god was it good, deep slow not too much tongue, yet teasing enough to let you know that tongue has a devilish intent when you get down to the fun stuff, Standing back from her I took her in from top to toe, she had changed her hair slightly, kinda style short look but suited her so well, her tan stockings with suisse and belt were clearly visible through the near see thru material of the slip she was wearing. Holding her to me, we kissed like long lost lovers, my hands slipping down her pack to her curvy pert bum, pulling her to me, letting her know exactly how my body was responding to her.

A quick chat and a cuppa and we realised we hadn't much time to hang about as I had to get back to work, and she wasn't quiet sure when her fella would get back from playing with his rod ;-) so scooping her into my arms with slight shriek from her I carried her to the bed, Kissing passionately we took each other in, only two people in the world, you know that feeling! I just wanted to pleasure her, Hera her breathing change, see her nipples harden as I showed her my appreciation, Kissing my way down to the hem of her slip as it met her thigh, I slid my hand underneath to find to my surprise she was unshaven!!! now its been a while since I played with a 'Au natural' Pussy and i must say it was a nice surprise, the soft downy hair the same colour as her head, and so beautifully delicate to the touch.

as I kissed lower, them old wandering fingers of mine found theyre way to her crotch and started to slip through her soaking pussy hairs, her arched back telling me I was hitting the right spots, kissing lower she went to remove her black heels, but I stopped her, nothing sexier than fucking a girl in Heels in my book, something so wanton and urgent about it, you know as if to say 'Fuck me now you bastard, the shoes can wait' I ran my mouth to her pussy, licking her from top to bottom, her moans first soft then slowly getting more audible as I feasted on her delicious sex. Running my hands towards her nipples as I freed her breast from the top of the slip, slowly pinching them between my fingers, adding to her pleasure.

In the middle of all this my cock was fit to pop, I thought it was going to burst I was so hard, not missing a trick Lorraine grabbed my hair and pushed me to my back, climbing astride me as she sat that lovely pussy back on my face, my hands almost instinctively reaching for her ass cheeks and parting them as I seat about my second course of pussy in the space of 20 minutes, then without warning the blissful wet warm sensation of her mouth as she wrapped her lips around my cock, were almost too much, I dont normally go for 69 as I think its a bugger to concentrate on your own pleasure while giving it to another, But my good she was good, we laid theyre edging each other to climax for at least 15 minutes, each testing our limits, seeing how far one could push the other before orgasm overtook us.

Thankfully I had the good sense to move her to her back before she had her wicked way with me, and grabbing a condom, i slid it on and slowly plunged inside her as if it was my only goal in life, ....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fuck....talk about Divine, getting her wet sex surrounding me like that was almost too much, and pacing myself I started to move slowly but steadily inside her, you know when you have a connection with someone and they almost anticipate your rhythm perfectly, well that's how it was, enjoying each other we fucked an sucked for the best part of 2 hours, making the most of this more than likely once off chance we had been building up to.

When My time came to go, i kissed her gently on the lips, thanking her for a great afternoon, and wishing her well in the future, both of us secretly hoping our paths may cross again.

here's to Hoping.