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giving a young guy a lift home

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Published 7 years ago
MY girl friend and i were asked to a party at a friends house ,, we turned up at around nine it was just like other parties people chatting , a few drinks ect ,,, time went on gf had a few drinks and feeling no pain , she was looking good she had a dress on that was buttoned up the in frunt ,, she has big lovely tits which most guys ooogle ,, We were saying our good byes to the people we knew ,, when a young guy asked if we would drop him in town which was about 15min away ,, he had a few drinks ,,,i said yes he sat in the back behind the gf ......... he is around 21 and we are 48 and 50 ,,, wife found it hard to get the seat belt and the young guy helped her from the rear we started driving ,, and she started hitting my leg ,, i looked over and my gf looked in a little shock ,, i said what up and she pointed to 2 hands feeling her tits ,, i was stunned , didnt know what to say or do ,, i did notice gf was not stopping him ,, i just looked at her and asked are u ok ,,, and she just nodded saying yes ,, at this stage the young guys hands were inside her bra feeling her nipples and tits ,, i nearly crashed watching what was happening ,,, i didnt know what to do or say mm i looked at gf she seemed to be enjoying beel felt up ,, i could hear moans from gf when he was squeesing her nipples ,,, i was getting turned on trying to watch ,,this was going on for 10min now and we were getting close to town ,,, ,,,,, gf was feeling good ,, so i started to slow down and pulled into a secluded layby and stopped ,,, she was loving this young gut feeling her ,,, she was feeling good ,, i leaned over and un buttoned her dress from the top down slowly ,, i was at the last button and the young guy had re possioned him self and was letting the car seat back ,,, he wound back the seat so gf was lying flat ,, his hands were slowly creeping down gf body at this stage she was in heaven... he got inside her knickers with his hand and was toutching her pussy ,, she was loving it i was just looking on , my cock was hard and he was sucking her nipples and fingering her that went on for fiftee min ,,, what a turn on to see this happen ,,,then he craw over her and his head was headding for her pussy ,, he pulled her knickers to one side and started devouring her pussy ,, ,,, i leaned back and asked was she ok ,,, all i got out of her was oooooofuck yes oooo fuck oo fuck ,,,i asked do u want his cock ,, again oo fuck yes ,, at this stage they were in a 69 possion he on top ,, i reached in opened his pants ond out pops a 7in cock fully hard ,,, i guided it into gf mouth ,, and she started sucking and sucking as hard as she could and then i heard him grunt and shudder and she took his full load of young cum into her mouth ,, he kept eating her until she exploded in orgasm ,,, and me with my hard cock just watching ,, WOW they were exausted ,, gf swallowed his cum ,,he got off her , started buttening up her dress the young guy wound up the seat she turned around to him and said that was so fucking good ,, gf looked at me and said thank u for not stopping wnat happened it felt great a young guy feeling me toutching mr and cumming in my mouth ,,,, she asked the young guy for his phone no,, she was looking at me saying is that ok ,,, fuck yes i said ,, and asked him was he up for meeting again ,, she got the no and a big yes ,, this happened last saterday night ,, and we are still in disbeliefe,,

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