Written by R

20 Jun 2015

True story about an ex.

I was 26 she was 24 at the time. Eastern European girl,5 foot 6, brunette, sexy body and very pretty face. We were sex buddies for a while and we enjoyed looking at pictures and videos online.

One of her wants was to get some nude photos done. I had an SLR and took pics when ever we could and she really enjoyed looking at them.she wanted a real photographer and backdrops.

We kept looking and never got around to doing it. One day she said she met a photographer through a website and she wanted to go ahead with it and said she didn't want to have me there. This was news to be but I was ok with it.

A few days later she set up a time and went to the guys studio and got the pictures on a Dvd a couple of days later. Wow was I in for a shock!

The disk was full of about 500+ pics! She had taken all her lingerie. Photos of her in some awesome poses to start with and then some of her bent over showing her ass and tons of pussy shots. It was amazing.

Turns out she was alone in the studio with him and was given directions. She insisted that nothing more happened but I'm hoping she at least have him a blowjob while he took those close ups.