Written by R

17 Nov 2015

My girlfriend and I met an old friend of hers at an event a couple of weeks ago. S knew had always fancied her and wanted to fuck him. Sadly he didn't seal the deal that night and we had to make arrangements to make it happen. S and I both texted T over the last week and became very friendly. We are all 007 fans and we decided to see the new film last Friday. S wore a shirt dress with tights and long boots and looked stunning. Her perfect tall body would make any guy want her,and this outfit really worked.We had a great evening. S sat in the middle and made sure to give T plenty of attention, rubbing his arm, placing her hand on his lap... We went down to the pub after the film and had a few drinks and some food. I suggested we go back to our place for a few more drinks and watch skyfall. We came back and fixed more drinks, S took off her boots and let T have a good look at her legs. A while later she went up stairs and took off the tights and T was fixed on her long legs all through the film, she made sure he got flashes of her thong when ever she moved on the couch. This flirting went on for a while and I was loving the attention S was getting. Finally S sat next to him of the couch while I went for another drink and she was virtually on his lap by the time I came back. I have him a wink and sat down and enjoyed the film. After all this T was still clue less on how to proceed. So finally I went and sat next to her and gave a big snog and started piling up her dress pretending he wasn't there. I then said hey T, S has been wanting to fuck you for a while,so would you please fucking get with it? His jaw dropped and he didn't know what to say or do. S then straddled him and started making out with him and I gave him a nod. She worked fast. In a few mins she had his impressive cock in her mouth and was blowing him good. I moved the coffee table over and piled down her thong and started playing with her wet pussy. She then pulled off her dress and straddled T and put him inside her and started fucking him right there on the couch. I sat there enjoying the view of my slut finally getting another fuck she wanted. I couldn't wait any more so off came my pants and I gave her my cock to suck and rub while she fucked him. She then moved over and T started fucking her missionary. He was really going  at is S came over and over again with his hard pounding. He was fucking her so hard that she wasn't even able to hold my cock in her mouth. So I say back and watched them fuck  and lick each other. It didn't take him long to cum, he pulled out his cock and I watched S get sprayed with cum. It was amazing to see her laying there with some other guys cum all over herself. T sat down exhausted and S was still laying there with a finger rubbing her clit. She then wiped off the cum and came and started blowing me, T then got back up and started fucking her again. We took turns fucking S all night. She had a super time and got load after load of cum till we were all drained.  Super fun night!