Written by notshaby25

4 Dec 2010

well i'm going out with this girl for 5yrs she hot but this time last year while babysitting for her aunt hows about 5'6 slim with large breast me and the gf headed to bed and had sexy same old shit after she fell asleep i heard the front door open in comes her aunt drunk i hear her say to her husband i'll check on the guest so i pull the covers off i ere the door open and stay like this for 5 to 10mins

A half hour pass's and door opens again i her foot steps its her she pulls my foot i look her standing there naked she put finger to her lip's and winks i follow her to the down stairs spare room were she drops to her knees and takes me hole gagging on my hard cock i lick her juice's its so sweet she tells me how much she wants me in her so i bend her over and do her hard from behind pullin her hair she moaning so much now it making me wanna shoot my load so i tell her she says no want that hot load in my ass i'm so excited first time doing anal i come so fast she gets up and heads back to bed :) got some more about her and me as since then we been at it when ever we can