Written by roy16

4 Dec 2012

Hi All,

For some time now I've been trying to get my very horny wife into more than the normal heavy petting and straight sex. We've spoken about our fantasies whilst fucking but never actually brought it any further. recently I cam up with an idea and sent her a text which read 'You've been charged with neglecting your pets, your rabbit has been locked away and your pussy is hungry and you're cock is lonely. you've to meet in bedroom 1 on Saturday night for you punishment. She relied, 'Can't wait'. Since then I've told her each week I'll send her a message as to what her punishment will be and she has gladly obliged. I'm gradually getting her to do things we've never done before and she has now agreed to buy more sex toys and swinging videos for Christmas. She even requested anal beads and lube. We've watched some good porn online and I keep asking her to comment on the cocks she see. She has responded so well that I plan to tie her up and make her wear a blind fold for fun n games over Christmas but It only a matter on time before shes gagging for another hot cock. I'll keep you posted with updates on our horny antic over Christmas and hopefully I'll getting some pix of her up as well.