Written by lisa

17 May 2017

I was 17 Years old when I first realized how my body could change the way people viewed me. As a teenager growing up with unemployed parents I had never been given the tools to show off what I had no new clothes all hand me downs nothing modern, never had a hairdresser touch my hair, so boys weren't interested, they had no idea what potential was there and either did I until the nite I stayed in my friends house , it was 2 or 3 in the morning when I woke up needing the bathroom no bra just knickers and I mean knickers. I legged it across to the bathroom to do my business and when I finished and opened the door my friends father was standing there ( some shock) I moved forward looking to make eye contact but he was starring at my breasts (I would say uncontrollably) the next day he was all over me, up to that point he had never made conversation with me . He started to drive us where ever we wanted to go and give us money but he soon got pissed off and that was clearly because it had gone as far as it could go he had seen me mostly naked and probably fantasized fucking me but he eventually had to face the reality of the situation . So i instantly knew the tease needed to be backed up. I needed money so I got a job in the local pub, for the interview with the bar owner I wore a a white shirt with no bra and tight jeans. The interview took an hour for the position of lounge girl. (Guess what he spent most of his time trying to look at) on my first night he brought to the office and handed me a polo shirt to were for the nite and went through what I would be doing as he was taking to me I took off my jacket and lifted off my t-shirt over my head revealing my bare breasts and I picked up the polo shirt and put it on ( he was stunned and panicked) but after he settled down pure lust took over . One nite after work we had a couple of drinks and he went for it . We kissed he felt my tits and I pulled his cock for all of 2 minutes then I stopped it . I wanted more money proper money so I kept my distance and 2 weeks later I got my hair done and got a new dress and strolled down to the local and give him my notice . (He was sick)" how much do you need " 500 aweek with part-time hours . (Fuck off he is thinking ) but he is an overweight 47year old man and thinks he might have a chance at fucking a newly turned 18 year virgin standing at 5"11 size 10 waist and 36C so I get the pay raise and now I have to back it up . (I was going to give my virginity up to this guy ) he didn't hang around before he made his move and I have to say it was nice . He fucked me 2 -3 three times aweek for 2 years mostly me on my back with my legs in the air as soon as he looked at my tits bouncing he'd blow his load every time . When he got drunk he would change be more aggressive he would force me onto my knees and fuck my mouth until he shot his load which was unpleasant for a number of reasons not least the size of his cock. He would be all apologetic after and would give me a guilt bonus a the end of the week. It didn't happen that often but I still reckon I swallowed at least a pint of cum in 2 years . I'd saved at least 20,000 in them 2 years and decided to move to the big smoke were I met my now husband after blowing through nearly all my money and getting married and my husband having a Shit job it was time to get back to work . I got a job in a hotel bar but money was Shit so I decided I needed a change of career I ditched my bra and got a nice short dress for my meeting with the general manager. ( And what do you know I'm his new personal assistant) AKA fuck buddy . Sex was good with him but he had a small cock and had a serious hang up about it always looking for reassurance that he was big enough. But as things moved on he wanted me to fuck someone else while he watched (something he fantasized his wife doing but hadn't the guts to ask her.) He arranged for me and him to meet this guy in a hotel bar and have a few drinks the guy Adam looked at me like I was a piece of meat. We made are way up to hotel room where Adam entered his arena. We kissed and stripped each other I put my hand on Adam's cock and I was actually scared it was fuckin huge. My boss watched as Adam pounded 2 off my 3 holes ( it wouldn't fit in my ass) for 5 hours he came at least 8 times stopping once for 10 mins to eat a sandwich before pounding my tender cunt for another hour. My cunt was sore and mouth tasted of seamen. Soon after that episode the owner son was making a play for me and a job offer followed personal assistant AKA Fuck buddy. The first time we were together he brought me to a posh hotel in London we got to the hotel room and he told me to strip (are you fuckin mad in the head )but I did and then as he stood there naked with his erect cock he told me to get on the bed on all fours . He spent the weekend fucking my ass he never kissed me or touched my cunt and this was to be the protocol for the next 6 months he dropped at least 3 litres of cum inside my ass before he fired me . I through myself into my marriage but again I got bored so bored that drove myself up to his befriends house with nothing on but a dress and knee boots his friend was in the baby sitting his one year old, as soon as the baby was asleep I kissed him within minutes I was in his girlfriend s bed on my back legs spread and his cock up my cunt . No man can resist a great body . They would step on anybody to fuck a beautiful womon . Whenever I want sex I get it.