Written by click24

1 Mar 2013

This is a true story from a few years back in my college days. Enjoy.

Thursday had rolled around again and it was student night at the local close to the college. The students piled into the overcrowded upstairs bar to take advantage of the weekly promotions and the ensuing merriment. I was there of course with a few from my class after working late in the lab and the pub was unusually busy. The dancefloor was full and the bar was 3 deep. The only barman was flat out.

My glass ran dry and I took my place in the queue for the bar. After close to ten minutes I had edged myself to eventually being next served. As the gap opened in front of me I moved towards it but brushed shoulders with the person next to me. It was a slim brunette girl with blue eyes, freckles and a very shy smile. I apologized and offered the space at the bar which she accepted gladly. At this point a lad I know gets chatting to me and I completely lost my place but as I turn away from him the girl is standing in front of me handing me a pint. "Thanks for letting me skip ahead of you, you're a real gentleman". Wow I thought. "Jeez its fine, you didn't have to do that but thanks so much!" I exclaimed. "I really wanted to you're a gentleman and you waited so long" she smiled that hesitant shy smile again. "Enjoy" she said and disappeared into the crowd.

The night passed on relatively uneventfully with the usual messing craic and banter and then the lights came up and the bouncers shepherded us unceremoniously down the stairs and into the cold street. I chatted with my pals where the ejected crowd had assembled and then there she was again by my side that same nervous shy smile. "Did you enjoy your pint?" she asked. "Very much so thanks but like I said you didn't have to" I replied. "I told you I wanted to. I like nice guys. Do you want to come home with me...?" The question hung in the air for a few seconds and my mind raced. "Is this for real?" I thought... "Oh what the hell, just go go it". "Yeah sure" I said trying not to sound surprised or cocky. She took my hand and we slipped out of the crowd.

She said little on the way home, I gathered she wasn't a big talker. She was Mary from Cork, her voice had a slightly sexy husk to it. She was about 5'6'' tall slim with long dark hair tied up at the back. Her eyes blue with freckles (a real Irish girl). She wore a tight hip length leather jacket a woolen v necked jumper that showed off her cleavage, tight jeans and boots. What stuck out most was her quiet shy and reserved air compared to what she had just asked me but I was more than happy to go along with things...

Minutes later we were hand in hand in front of her house, a small semi detached house close to the college which she shared with some other students. She lead me upstairs to her small room and we lay down in her single bed under the quilt as the was chilly. We lay face to face and a small bedside lamp barely lit the room. We moved closer and slowly began to kiss and I let my hands wander over her body. She only wore a bra underneath her jumper and I unclipped it with one hand. She gave me a serious look as her breasts fell loose but it mellowed into a naughty glint. My hands explored her smooth skin, her shoulders, her flat stomach, her firm breasts and now hard nipples. All the while I'm kissing her lips her neck, behind her ears moving down to her nipples. Then to my huge excitement she arched her back lifting her bum from the bed and slid off her jeans and underwear together... I needed no further encouragement. As I sucked and tongued he nipples i slid my hand over her stomach down through her untamed pubes and already found her to be very wet. I gently rubbed her clit and she drew a sharp intake of breath then her body began to really relax. Her hands crept to my belt unbuckling it with ease then she popped my button fly and she took out semi hard cock.taking it in both hands and rubbing her nails and fingers over it I was hard in seconds. We wrestled out of our clothes and continued to sensually kiss then I moved my lips down her body kissing licking and nibbling as I went, stopping with my face above her pussy. She opened her legs wide for me and lifted her pussy up to meet my face but i resisted the urge to move straight in instead i kissed licked and teased her inner thighs before eventually moving to her moist lips. I slowly lapped and teased her clit and within minutes she was having a very quiet orgasm, her body shuddered and convulsed and her breaths were shallow and fast. We held each other momentarily then she sat up with her bare bum on her pillow and her back to the headboard and beckoned me up... I stood on the bed and stepped to her, my feet on either side of the pillow. She looked up into my eyes then at the cock two inches from her face and tentatively she kissed the tip. My cock pulsed and jerked with the contact and next she worked the tip with her tongue eventually sliding as of much of me as she could into her mouth. The feeling was awesome and I had to hold on to the headboard because my knees were going weak. I was soon on the verge of giving her a mouthful so backed off and we lay back in the bed where we continued to kiss and fondle. She slid her leg underneath my body and I was now between her legs. Her hands slipped to my lower back and she pulled me to her and lifted her hips. The tip of my cock touched the warm wetness of her pussy and slid home. I let it halfway in and held it there, she wriggled and bucked beneath me looking for more. I withdrew then returned again halfway and did this a few more times but couldn't keep the teasing up I needed to be fully inside her. I eased the full length into her and she sighed deeply in appreciation. The feeling was intense we held eachother tightly arms around eachother and lips locked together. She raised her hips to meet each of my thrusts and I could feel my balls slapping against her bottom. After a while we moved to doggy style and again she wasn't afraid to push her bum back to meet each thrust. The sight of her round pale smooth bum pushing its way onto my cock and the way her pussy lips seemed to grip me as I slid out combined with how good her pussy felt compounded the intensity of the situation. "I'm gonna cum soon" I gasped. "Hold it, hold it!" she barked over her shoulder and began to furiously play with her clit as I teetered on the brink. Literally seconds later she began whimpering grunting and shuddering into another orgasm. She dropped from her knees onto the bed and rolled over her eyes glassy her cheeks and chest flushed not a second too soon. Kneeling between her legs I let go spurting thick jets of spunk onto her belly (and one stray across her right tit). It was so intense i could hardly catch my breath and couldn't speak. She had the filthiest mirthful look in her eyes. I lay beside her, both of us spent, I pulled her to me, kissed her then sleep...

I awoke with her stirring beside me some time later. I was lying on my back and she climbed gently on top of me and began to ever so gently rub her hanging breasts on my bare chest. I remained still with my eyes closed allowing her to do as she wanted. My cock pulsed back to life and as she moved I could feel it touching off her legs. She could too... She began to rub my upstanding cock off her pussy and grind against it. I could feel her wetness from our earlier encounter but she made no effort to slip me inside, instead she ground on and humped my cock with growing intensity and tempo until after some time her rhythmic breathing turned ragged sharp and shallow and he body began to quiver in her now familiar orgasmic throes. I seized the opportunity grabbing both her ass cheeks tightly adjusted my hips and drove myself into her hot wet pussy. "Ugh cheeky! I knew weren't asleep" she sighed into my ear. I bucked and twisted below her until I got my angles right and gripping her ass tightly I pulled her onto me and pumped for dear life sucking and licking the dangling breasts in my face. My orgasm followed thick and fast and as I was about to shoot I pulled out of her and finished on my own stomach this time. We shared more kisses and hugs and again drifted off.

I awoke in the twilight of early morning and knew I had to go home. My early lecture started soon and i needed to change wash eat and prepare. I woke her and told her that I had to leave. I gathered my strewn clothes together and dressed, she threw on a loose long sleeved tshirt and pajama pants and we stumbled downstairs. She unlocked the front door and I paused to kiss her. We kissed deeply and perhaps for too long because I began to feel that familiar pulse in my boxers. I pushed her up against the wall and my hands slipped up under her tshirt to her already hard nipples. I wasn't going anywhere. I pushed her through the nearest doorway but we tripped and clattered onto the middle of the sitting-room floor. We giggled and continued to play. Once again my belt was opened my trousers and pants lowered and my cock released. I yanked her pj bottoms but they wouldnt come down. She had tied the drawstring waistband too tightly and when i yanked them the knot pulled tighter still... A brief moment of pure frustration! I worked them down enough to expose her bare arse and I went for her pussy that way... I wont lie about lasting long and just say that three fantastic minutes later i knelt back panting and exhausted to observe one of the sexiest sights of my life... She lay on her side panting with her tshirt pulled up exposing her tits and her pjs yanked down just below her ass, the last of the spunk i could muster dripping off her hip and ass cheek and the filthiest sexiest look on her flushed face. "I really have to go this time" I said. "Let me show you out" she winked back....