Written by kinkyguy76

2 Jul 2010

i was in town one afternoon a few years ago, and stopped in bewleys for a coffee. i had a book with me and was reading and sipping on a coffee. a nice looking brunette woman sat across from me, i looked up and smiled hello. she returned the greeting and asked what book i was reading? milan kundera the unbearable lightness of being.

we chatted for a while, i discovered that she was in ireland for a few months. she had recently split up with her husband and was travelling and clearing her head.i liked her honesty. i recommended some places of interest and some where she would find time to reflect..

long story short she said she had to leave and i said half jokingly that if she needed a tour guide i would be happy to show her around.

she wrote her number down, thanked me for the chat and was gone..

we spoke on the phone a few times, and met for coffee occasioanlly. i took her on some tours etc..i didnt chance anything as i genuinely liked her company and didnt want her thinking that i was only after one thing.

she was about 5' 7", blue eyes, slim but with a healthy figure. she smiled alot and hand beautiful hands.. sounds strange but they were.

anyway, she lived in a tidy little bedsit on the northside, and i had arranged to visit her. i buzzed and she let me in.. i lit a smoke as she made some coffee. we were chatting when she suddenly asked why i hadnt tried anyhting on with her.. i was a bit shocked to be honest, and said i didnt want to push my luck, and that as she was recently separated it didnt seem appropriate.

she smiled laughing and said that a girl needs some attention from time to time. i couldnt believe my luck or my ears..

i excused my self and went to the toilet to rince my mouth.. smoke breath isnt a good thing..

when i came back in she was sitting on the edge of her bed. i pulled her up to me and we shared our first kiss. it was slow, and a little hesitant. she had the softest tongue..clothes quickly become a burden and soon she was down to a sexy little pair of black cotton undies, and her bra. her body was as i said slim but she had a great ass, and pert breasts.i was topless and still had my jeans on.. she straddled me and started lightly stroking the obvious bulge between my legs. she cupped her hand and squeezed me. is he coming out to play, she asked. i went to rip my jeans off when she stopped me and said she would do it. i heard the button pop, and some pressure, her hair tickled my stomach as she leaned in to me. i arched my back and the jeans were gone.. she smiled at me fixing her hair saying she liked what she had found..i was iron hrd. her fingers traced the length of my cock, wrapping and stroking. i could only breathe..she asked would i like her to kiss him, oh christ yes..

she got up onto her hands and knees and lowering her head i lost sight of me, and could only feel her lips gently kissing and her tongue lightly licking around the head. dear jesus it was heaven. her hands also cupped and massaged my balls.

i went to touch her but she said that she wanted to have her fun first. that she wanted to tease me. she moved up my body the only sound being her lips kissing my skin, and our breathing. we kissed slowly and deeply. my hands came up to her ass. she pulled away smiling saying not yet. and taking my hands pushed them back onto the bed. i pretended to struggle and knocked the pillow off the side. this exposed her little nightie, and a cute pink vibrator. a girl needs to enjoy herself she said..

she peeled off her panties and taking me in her hand began to thrust and rub herself against me. she was so wet and felt incredibly hot. do you like that she asked. i felt like screaming.

her eyes never left mine. they would half close from time to time and her head lolled. watching her mouth slightly open, seeing her bite her lip lightly or the way her breathing changed was one of the sexiest things ive ever witnessed..

she changed her angle and took me deep inside her. the heat was insane. her hands came up onto my shoulders and she went to town on me. she rocked, thrust, occasionally leaned so far forward that just the tip was inside,and slammed back down.

i thought fuck this, and grabbed her ass and began to meet her thrusts. our sounds were loud and fast. her cheeks were flushed. i pulled her face to mine we kissed hard..her breathing hard into my ear. she licked and sucked at my face,. ear neck...i told her i was close..

she began almost chanting, not yet baby, not yet, dont cum, not yet.... this changed into a series of moans and whispers,and she began to cum hard.


later we were sitting around naked talking, i opened a window and offered her a cigarette. it was very warm in her place... she said lets have a shower first..

anyone interested in the rest?