Written by cplforfun09

7 Apr 2013

this is a true story that has recently happened with me an my woman, we have a real high sex drive an love the swingin scene as we've had a few meets before through the site! usually durin sex we like talkin about what we've done with previous partners an wat we'd done, this one night we had loads to drink an we were havin sex an the dirty talk started, she was sayin that she was cravin a big cock, this got me so horny an i asked her has she ever took a big one before, an she then told me she had but she wasnt sure wat size it was, my mind was goin into overdrive knowin that a big cock had ploughed into her,i said you should txt him to see if he'd meet ya, she wasnt sure about it but as we talked about it she decided to txt him, it was such a rush,she asked him if he'd like to meet her as she wanted a big cock,but anyways we got no reply... so the mornin after wakenin up with a severe hangover, the usual o shit wat have we done kicked in, but then later that day he txt, an asked her wat was that msg about, she then txt bk sorry i was drunk! he then said so u dont want fkd with my big cock she then said send me a pic, as we didnt live with each other she was forwarding the msgs to me,he then send her a pic an she then forwarded it to me an it was easily a good 9.5 inches, an id be only pushin about 6 i couldnt believe that such a monster of a cock would of fitted in her, as we went for a meal that nite i said to her if she wanted to meet him i wouldnt mind, as long as she was comfortable with it, she then to my shock said well i want a big cock, an id like to fk him again! so i was more than happy to let it happen so i said to her to arrange a meet with him, they had arranged to meet a nite durin the week, an we were excited about it, as the day drew closer i was nervous about it, an then finally the day arrived, she was txtin me about meet him an she was waitin til it was dark, then she said im goin now an i said be carefull, i was really scared now but was so horny she said i'll txt u when im there! half an hour went by an she txt me to saay she was with him i said ok be carefull, about 2 hours had passed an i had heard no word i was shittin them, then a txt came thru that she was ok an she'd be home soon! i went to meet her at her house an she was lyin in her bed, with no knickers on, an she filled me in on all the details,about how he fkd her an how big he was, i went to lick her out an the horniest thing was i could smell the condom off her!! was one off the sexiest an horniest things we've ever done!!