Written by TKMax

1 Sep 2014

Myself and my partner usually meet up with another couple when we go out on the town, my partner Sarah and Mel are always flirting and touching each other, normally just feeling each others tits, but its horny and both myself and Jim love it. Jim is forever telling me he is not getting much sex at home as Mel cant be bothered, but I never really believed this as Mel is very attractive, has beautiful big tits and a nice body, plus she always flirts and talks dirty when we are out.

After a long night of dancing, drinking, and flirting we all headed back to ours for the night. As always Sarah was feeling horny and dragged me straight up to bed, Mel and Jim went to the guest room as they had asked to stay. As for Sarah and I we didnt care, as soon as we got in the bedroom we tore our clothes off, Sarah was down on my rock hard cock as I fingered her very wet pussy. Soon we were on the bed in the 69 position and I could tell by the wetness of Sarahs pussy that she wanted fucking. I got in position behind her and slipped my cock into her tight wet pussy, Sarah moaned as I started to pump her, next thing we heard a knock on the door and Jim entered. I stopped fucking Sarah but left my cock deep in her pussy, Jim apologised but said he heard Sarah moaning and wanted to prove a point to me. He asked us to follow him to his room, we did and there was Mel, lying on her back and dead to the world, she was in her underwear but Jim went to the bed and removed her bra and started to suck on her tits. Mel just lay there and never even moved, Jim then removed her panties to reveal a nicely trimmed pussy, a pussy that was not going to get fucked any time soon. As Sarah and I watched Jim play with Mel I was stroking my now throbbing cock as Sarah bit her lip and fingered her own dripping wet pussy.

Sarah went over to Jim and took hold of his obvious erection through his boxers, she looked at him and said "we cant leave you in this state for the night". Jim smiled and we all went back to our room where Sarah wasted no time in getting Jims cock in her mouth. It was pretty obvious than Jim would'nt last long, Sarah went to the bed and laid on her back, opening her legs as an invitation for Jim to fuck her. Jim looked at me for assurance but in reality he knows the life style that Sarah and I have, he knows she likes to fuck and Im happy to see her being pleasured. He then moved to the bed and positioned himself between her legs, even though she was lying naked in front of him, he didnt want to suck her tits or eat her pussy, he was gagging for sex and was only interested in fucking her pussy. He had made no secret of the fact he thought I was very lucky to have a woman as hot and horny as Sarah, and that he wanted to fuck her. Well now it was going to happen, Sarah reached out and took his cock in her hand, she guided the throbbing head to her slit and rubbed it up and down, she then eased it in and Jim took control as he gently pumped her, slowly at first as he enjoyed what he craved for, for so long. I moved beside Sarah and she took my cock in her mouth, she sucked me as Jim pumped her pussy, increasing his pace with every stroke. Mel is not very adventerous in bed and doesnt like oral, so watching Sarah suck my cock with such passion was bringing Jim close to unloading his spunk. After seeing Mel naked and watching Jim fuck Sarah was having the same effect on me, as Sarah continued to suck I exploded in her mouth, she swallowed what she could but some of it dripped from her mouth. This was too much for Jim and he pulled out and moved up to wank over her tits, "no" said Sarah, "come inside me, I want your cum deep inside my pussy", so Jim re entered her and pumped until he came inside her. This had happened so quickly and yet we were all aware that Mel could have woken at any minute, Jim thanked Sarah and returned to Mel.

I was hard again shortly and enjoyed fucking Sarahs pussy and filling her up with my cum.Next morning at breakfast the banter started again as Mel told us what a night they had, we of course played along but we all knew her pussy had missed out on lots of fucking. Jim is now trying to get Mel to be more adventerous, I really would love to fuck her, so maybe if he succeeds I will get to tell you all again.