Written by tubby

5 Aug 2010

whilst travelling the UK in 2007 i took a guided tour of one of the museums in london. Most of my fellow tourists were the usual mix of middle aged americans and over excited asians. i got talking to an irish girl who was over visiting her sister and sisters fella. sarah was her name and she was about 2 years older than me (hard to guess girl's ages). They seemed a friendly group and our chat was pretty general. as the tour ended sarah asked would i join them for a drink, having no other plans i agreed and 30 minutes later we were all in a bar. We were after 2 drinks when sarahs sister and fella left and suddenly i was left on my own with this girl... up til this point i hadnt thought that romance was on the cards.. sarah was not my type, she was dressed in a non-descript kinda way, loose jeans and a non-flattering top.. it was hard to make out her body shape.. we had a few more drinks and sarah suggested we head to a more lively place.. i was enjoying her company so i agreed.. first though she wanted to change so we got a cab to her hotel...during this whole time we had being chatting in a friendly jokey way with no intentional flirting at all...

i had barely closed the door of her hotel room when she turned and pushed me against the wall and put her hand on my crotch.. the unexpectedness and suddeness of it gave me an instant hard-on....'i knew you wanted me'.... she began kissing me and grinding against me... i was still in shock and didnt resist... she pulled off my top and began kissing and biting my nipples... this mixture of pain and pleasure snapped me into life... i pushed her off me and onto the bed... she took off her took and literally ripped off her bra to expose a decent if not spectacular pair of tits.. i returned the favour of kissing and biting her nipple which she clearly enjoyed by the sound of her moans...by now she had my pants off and my cock in her hand...she pulled it roughly squeezing my balls.. next she pushed me onto the bed and proceeded to suck my cock.. she covered my cock in her saliva and the feeling of her wet lips on my cock had me fit to burst.. while she was sucking me her other hand was gently squeezing my balls... i could feel myself ready to explode... just before i came she stopped sucking and pulled me hard and fast until i shot my load all over my stomach.... she handed me a tissue to clean myself and said 'right ill be 10 minutes'... 10 minutes later with me still in shock she was back and dressed in her new gear... lets go clubbing she said!! :)