30 Jul 2015

We head to a bar in Rathmines after booking a hotel room. The missus is looking well in a black leather dress and heels. Her blonde hair tied back in a pony tail. After a few drinks I head to the toilet and when I return a tall good looking man is chatting her up. She looks interested so I stand off. He looks at me and I give him the nod to carry on. She is flirting outrageously, touching his arm and flicking her hair. We both enjoy this guys company for the night when the bar shuts. I suggest taking it back to our hotel for a night cap. She gives me a look. We head back to the room and she looks at me as if to say are you sure. He tugs her in and they kiss passionately. They are tearing at each other. She steps back and slips out of her dress revealing a black gstring and hold up stockings. She opens his flies and takes out his throbbing cock. She drops to her knees and sucks him along his shaft, teasing him. He picks her up and puts her on the bed. He parts her legs and licks her pussy. She is writhing in extasy. She begs him to fuck her. I have never seen her like this. He turns her over and pushes his cock into her. She gasps. He is much bigger then me. He fucks her deeply and she is moaning and crying out. She is furiously rubbing her clit as he ploughs her. He fucks her for what seems an age before pumping his cum into her. He stands up says nothing, gets dressed and leaves. She is lying there exhausted.