Written by love2watchU

17 May 2011

As we headed down in the lift he unbuttoned the top button of my already low cut blouse. I was now showing a lot more cleavage than i ever would have dared before.

"It's alright, Hon, it's late enough to get away with it. Besides, you've got great tits, you should show them off a bit more".

The bra did make the most of my assets, I supposed. I never thought my breasts were anything more than average but Miko's compliment made me feel bolder, so i left the button undone and enjoyed the feeling of being just a little bit slutty. He loved the thought that other mens' eyes would be checking out what was on show. It gave him a buzz….and i also knew it would certainly stir a swelling in his pants.

We stepped out of the hotel lobby into the street. As we walked along, Miko slipped his hand around my waist briefly, before letting it drop slowly across the cheek of my ass, pausing to take in the slight ridge that was the strap of my suspenders. I felt a tingle between my legs in response to his touch and the cool evening air felt so good upon the bare flesh of my thighs and well trimmed pussy.

"i must leave the knickers off more often", i said. "It's so horny"

'Yeah? just wait til later" he said.

We found a Chinese restaurant just off the main street. It was still early and we were clearly the first customers of the night. A young Chinese lady showed us to our table and produced two menus, then left us to browse.

"It's a shame this table's so wide," he said, "i can't get to feel your pussy from here"

"No, but i can" i replied. With that, i slipped a hand under my skirt, slid a finger between my moist, swollen lips then took it back up to my mouth. I licked it slowly, deliberately, before plunging it into my mouth to suck off the remaining juice. "You are a dirty bitch" he laughed.

The meal and drinks were ordered and we spent the next while eating, chatting, occasionally flirting. After the table was cleared we sat on, finishing our drinks and talking about the night ahead. The girl went out to the front desk to deal with customers ordering a takeaway. We could here her beyond the partition and i couldn't resist the urge to give Miko a quick flash. I leaned back in the chair, lifted my skirt and started to tease my clitoris. His eyes were transfixed on my fingers as they stroked between my lips. "Show me your clit", he urged. I briefly pulled back my pussy lips and drew back the small hood of skin that covered the swollen nub beneath.

"Fuck, that's nice. That's a horny little cunt".

I loved hearing him talk like that. Forget the niceties. The cruder the better did it for me.

Miko settled the bill and we headed out into the rain to find a pub. Our first stop was a small bar with a few corner couches that offered some screening from the full gaze of the barman. We stayed for one drink but only had a couple of fleeting opportunities to have some fun. He was able to slip his hand inside my top a couple of times to fondle my breast and enjoy a little play with my nipple. Other customers came in so we decided to head on to the hotel bar. We took up position on a couple of bar stools and ordered a drink. There were quite a few business types around and another couple of people milling about. The lighting was bright and harsh and i noticed fisheye cameras situated in the ceiling. Not much chance of getting up to much in here, I mused. As we sipped our beers, Miko encouraged me to hitch my skirt up over my knees and open my legs enough to let him play with me. We had a couple of brief successes but it was hard to relax as constant surveillance was required to avoid detection. He sensed my unease.

"C'mon, do you want to go somewhere else?'"

I didn't hesitate. We headed back out into the night air. Miko knew a pub that he thought would do the trick. As we headed along the street we passed a couple of phone booths. I grabbed his arm "Come with me".

I pulled him into one of the booths."Give me your cock, i want to play with you". He duly unzipped his trousers and pulled out a semi hard erection. I took it into my hand and with a couple of strokes he was fully stiff. i moved back from him so i could see it in the dim light…well, i do Love2watch…and stroked it some more. Just watching it in my grasp made my pussy ache for it. I could feel the waves within me, longing to squeeze against his gorgeous shaft. He lifted my skirt and teased my rock hard clit with a fingertip. Oh fuck, it was heavenly. He teased me some more before pulling away. "C'mon, i still want to have a bit more fun", he grinned. With that, we were back out in the street, down some steps and into the next pub. Miko went to the bar whilst i found a couple of high stools in an alcove towards the front of the pub. I sat in behind the table and Miko returned with the drinks and took up his position next to me. We were in view of the bar and the many people standing around, chatting. The room was fairly dark, dark enough to offer some obscurity to our form. The table and stools in front of us offered further cover although, if anyone had chosen to look properly, they would have made out what we were at.

Without hesitation, Miko had his hand up my skirt and his fingers probing my hot, wet pussy. He shifted between teasing my lips and clit to delving two fingers deep inside me in rhythmic strokes. He made me so desperate for relief i don't know how i didn't just take his cock out there and then and ride him senseless. i don't think i would have cared, i was so fucking hot for it. It was all the more thrilling to look around and see people browsing but not noticing. In the middle of our escapade a man came up to ask if he could take one of the stools. Cool as ice, Miko told him to go ahead, and him with his fingers deep inside me! He was loving it as much as i was. We looked at each other like lovers do, deep in conversation, to the untrained eye. What they didn't hear was the chat between us. Romance was forfeited for pure lust. I thrived on the dirty talk that went back and forth.

"Do you like fingering me?"

"Yes, you've got a lovely tight cunt. I can feel you tightening around my fingers"

"I'd love to suck your cock right now"

"Would you let me cum in your mouth?"

"I'd rather watch you spunk all over me"

Romeo and Juliet, it wasn't, but it sure as hell made me rampant. We drank up and headed back towards the hotel.

I had noted an alleyway down behind a church that we had passed earlier. When we reached the spot, i asked if we could go down there before we went back to the hotel. He was happy to go along with me, knowing full well i was up for a little more dangerous fun. We stopped halfway along the alleyway, out of sight of the road. It was dim but not dark as enough glow from the streetlights found its way along the pass. "I want you to watch me finger myself", i said, pulling my skirt up around my waist. He reciprocated by undoing his jeans and dropping them down around his thighs. He began stroking his cock for me as i got to work again. We wanked and watched each other for a couple of minutes, occasionally coming together to kiss. The night air was very cold now and it excited us both to be exposed and so aroused.

We played for a little while longer, then made our way back up to the hotel room.

There were voile curtains on the window as well as full drapes. We decided that we'd leave the drapes open and leave enough light on in the room to give anyone enough of a view to know what we were at.

Without delay, we stripped naked and jumped onto the bed. Just as before, we took turns to wank and lick and suck and tease each other to the brink. He fingered my wet, juicy pussy as i took his cock in my mouth. I teased him and tantalized him with fleeting licks and sucks around his helmet and across the slit, that lovely precum on my tongue, smearing over him. I took his balls in my mouth and sucked them tii he groaned, my hand ever around his shaft, stroking, enticing him to reach the point of no return. As his arousal heightened, he kneeled up in front of me as i lay on my back, legs spread wide open. He took the dildo that sat on the bedside locker and slid it back and forth along the moist crease and over my clit. I was as randy as fuck by now, my wetness glistening over swollen, aching lips and my clit, rock hard. I looked down to watch this glorious spectacle and found my hips rising up to meet the pressure. Back and fro, I moved, willing him to slide it deep inside me. He Knew what i longed for but continued to tease me. I don't know how either of us remembered, but before i knew it the phone was retrieved and another clip was taken. The shot panned from the wonderful sight of the dildo, full speed ahead, teasing in and out of my gaping, swollen quim lips and beyond into the hungry chasm to his cock, hard and proud, as i sucked it into my mouth. Deep, firm strokes, my lips caressed the full length of his now throbbing member and my hand pulled and rolled his pulsating, ever tightening bollocks.

"Go on, you horny little bitch. You love playing with cock, don't you? Oh, fuck…"

I begged him to take the dildo out and finger me again. His fingers could do so much more than any vibrator. He granted my wish and plunged deep inside me. Two stiff fingers worked in and out, deep and sure. Not too fast to rush but just with enough speed to tease me up to a frenzy . A steady, probing, grinding rhythm…it was more than i could take. I could feel my body start to tense and writhe in the tempo of his thrusts.

"Oh yes! Don't stop…. don't stop….oh, yes…harder! go harder!…'im coming, i'm coming…" The waves overwhelmed me as i let myself surrender to the convulsions that took over every part of me, my cunt throbbing and pulsating with every thrust, a breathy groan escaping from my throat. I had lain back to enjoy the full orgasmic assault with one hand remaining firmly clasped around his bollocks. As i had started to buck, so too had his passion started to explode, his free hand wanking ever more furiously at his straining cock. "Go on, you horny bitch……, ahhh…..fuckin hell…..". With that, a fountain of hot sperm spurted over me, all over my breasts, my face, it was everywhere. Wow. He fell back on the bed beside me and we rolled into a lazy hug. We lay together, stroking, kissing, coming down from our high, for quite some time. It was a great experience and i savoured every second of it. After a shower, we curled up together for a well earned night's sleep. Sweet dreams, indeed.

By the way, we still had time the next morning after breakfast to take a run out to a secluded lake for a bit more fun….but that's another story. xx.