Written by love2watchU

15 May 2011

We had already enjoyed a night of fun on a king sized bed in a hotel in Ashbourne back in March so the anticipation was rising as i looked out of the hotel window on the boats moored down below on a jetty on Lough Ree.

He said he wanted me in stockings and no knickers and i was happy to oblige. A low cut blouse showed a little bit of cleavage and a long skirt and stiletto ankle boots finished the ensemble. Black lace top stockings rose up my thighs to meet the suspenders of the black and fuchsia bodice with the lacy bra top that i had donned earlier. The knickers stayed in the suitcase.

The knock on the door came at 6.30. I smiled as he walked in and threw his bag on the floor. Without a word he came to me, slid his hands around my waist and kissed me. As we kissed he ran his hands down my hips and stopped when he reached the thin straps. I could feel him brace against me and i confess i felt that first pulse of arousal throb within my already wet pussy.

He asked if he should lie down onto the bed to watch me strip. This was our ritual. He knew i loved 2watch him stroke his cock and he was more than willing to indulge me. Off with the clothes, he lay on his back and started to tease himself and me. i stood by the bed and let him run his hand up my leg, first to the flesh of my thigh and on till the flash of realization crossed his face…..no knickers. The affirmation came in a half smile and a deep groan. I stood back and took off the skirt and the blouse and stood before him. I stroked his cock as he ran his fingers back up to the freshly trimmed mound and between my lips to the lovely moistness that awaited him.

'Wait', i said, 'don't forget the clips this time' as i reached for my phone. You see, apart from Miko there was a couple of other men who wanted to share my experiences. Every time i had any fun with one, the others wanted a rundown with all the juicy details. All three of them, including Miko, were always asking for clips for their amusement so there were no qualms when i mentioned the phone. He was as keen as i was. Clip number one was taken - a bit of mutual pleasuring and i wasted no time sending it on to one of the others. In an instant the reply came… 'U dirty bitch. That's amazing. Please tell me there's more'. We would definitely take plenty more before the night was through but i decided to save the rest to send later as i wanted to focus on the fun in front of me.

I climbed up onto the bed and we began our sexplay in earnest. He fondled my pussy, teasing and squeezing my clit, as i pulled his cock in long slow strokes. Before i knew it he had slipped a couple of stiff fingers inside me and began to work them in and out to rhythm that made me writhe. The arousal was only heightened further by the way he slowed from time to time to massage deep inside me with firm, sure fingertips. I was so fucking wet. We took turns to suck and lick and bite. When he went down on me again i just had to take another clip. I filmed away as he buried his head between my open legs, grinding his face against my wide open pussy and swollen clit, only to come up a few minutes later covered in juice to kiss me. I probed his mouth with my tongue and eagerly licked my pussy juice off him. 'You'd love to lick another woman's cunt, wouldn't you?, he asked. What could i say? 'You might be right…" i replied. We played away for an hour or so, until the need for some refreshment crept in. Neither of us had eaten since morning so we decided we'd head for the town for a bit to eat, a few drinks and a bit of fun. I took off the bodice and replaced it with a shelf bra of black lace and red satin and black lacy suspender belt. I took the matching knickers out of the case but was quickly reminded, 'No knickers, remember. I want us to have a bit of fun while we're out'. I didn't need asking twice. The knickers stayed off and i pulled on the rest of my outfit. All dressed up, with a bare pussy, we headed on our way.